M5s parliamentarians: today the online vote from 10 to 22. The 15 names of Conte and the 2 thousand candidates

Enrolled in the M5s they started voting on the platform Sky Vote to choose the candidates in the elections on September 25th. The parliamentary are open from 10 am at hours 22: according to what is learned, over 10 thousand people have expressed their preferences on the SkyVote platform in the first hour. “The Parliamentarians of the 5 Star Movement open this morning. Our community will help choose the candidates who will represent us at the next election. Voting is up to 10pm on SkyVote. Good luck to all candidates! ”, Wrote the Speaker of the House on Twitter Roberto Fico, who is in his second term and therefore has not re-nominated.

How to vote – Subscribers will be able to indicate a maximum of three names among those who have self-nominated for the Room or al Senate, that is about 2 thousand candidates. The 5-star base is also called upon to give its assent to 15 names chosen by Joseph With you: the shortlist, as defined by the president of the 5-star movement, is made up of personalities who “will ensure that continuity of action and experience necessary to face the new legislature”. These are candidates who will be placed in the lists useful positions to the election. On the M5s website it is explained that “the proposal will be submitted to online consultation by members, who will be able to express an opinion favorable or contrary“.

Who can participate – As foreseen by the M5s Statute, those who are regularly enrolled in the 5-star Movement for at least six months. Can not vote those registered in the period of Suspension (even as a precautionary measure only) and members excluded from the association, even if with a non-definitive provision. Consultations take place on the online platform SkyVote. Subscribers enabled to vote have received an email with the personal link to access the voting area. The link is also accessible to your private profile on portal.movimento5stelle.ue.

The price list – Between 15 names chosen by Conte appear exponents of civil society, such as anti-mafia magistrates Federico Cafiero de Raho And Roberto Scarpinato. Ecological transition experts, such as the former minister Sergio Costa and professor Livio De Santoli. There is the notary of the Movement, Alfredo Colucci. And then many big pentastellati. It starts with the former mayor of Turin Clear Hangerthen the parent company in the Senate Maria Domenica Castellonethe undersecretary Barbara Floridiathe former group leader in the Senate Hector Licherithe minister Stephen Patuanellithe executive member of the parliamentary group Francis Silvestriand the vice presidents Riccardo Ricciardi, Michele Gubitosa, Mario Turkish And Alessandra Todde.

Nominations – The former premier Joseph With you sent his own self-candidacy for the college of the Lazio Chamber 1. The current group leader in the Senate Castellone he also appears for Palazzo Madama in the Campania college, while the Minister of Agriculture Patuanelli changes branch of Parliament and runs through the Chamber in Friuli Venezia Giulia, the college in which he is resident. In the Chamber, the former mayor of Turin Hanger runs for the Piedmont 1 college together with the outgoing deputy Luca Carabettawhile Vittoria Baldinogroup leader in the Constitutional Affairs Commission, introduces himself in Calabria. The former group leader in the Senate Licheri (he too would change branches) and the president of the Justice Commission Mario Perantoni show up in their Sardinia. All of Conte’s vice-presidents also run (except Paola Taverna, excluded from the two-term rule): Gubitosa for the Chamber in Campania 2, Turkish for the Senate in Puglia, Ricciardi for the Room in Tuscany, Todde for the Chamber in Sardinia.

Who re-applies – In total, the candidate senators are 41 out of the 62 enrolled in the group. In Emilia-Romagna there are the outgoing Marco Croatti And Maria Laura Mantovaniin Lazio Giulia Lupo And Alessandra Maiorinoin Tuscany Gianluca Ferrarain Liguria the former candidate for mayor of Genoa Luca Pirondini. In the Chamber, among the names that appear in the same college as Conte also the notary of the 5 stars Alfonso Colucci and the outgoing spokespersons Marco Bella, Francesca Flati, Angela Salafia, Francesco Silvestri and Manuel Tuzi. Also for Montecitorio, in the Campania 1 college the outgoing parliamentarians Raffaele Bruno present themselves, Carmen Di LauroTeresa Manzo and Gilda Sportiello, in Lombardy 1 Stefania Mammì And Riccardo Olgiati. 12 outgoing candidates are candidates for the Chamber in Puglia: Gianmauro Dell’Olio, Leonardo DonnoVincenzo Garruti, Carla Giuliano, Patty L’Abbate, Giorgio LovecchioAngela Masi, Valentina Palmisano, Marco PellegriniAngela Piarulli, Iunio Valerio Romano and Francesca Ruggiero. Nine, however, in the Sicily 1 college: Davide AielloGiuseppe Chiazzese, Valentina D’Orso, Life Martinciglio, Leonardo PennaFilippo Perconti, Dedalo Pignatone and Adriano Varrica.

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