Machine Gun Kelly cheated on ex girlfriend from Megan Fox? Sommer Ray doesn’t blame him

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly
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Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox have not been a couple for a long time, but their relationship is very dynamic. The couple met on the set, and then things turned out very quickly. Fast enough that Machine Gun Kelly forgot about the girl he was dating at the time. Model Sommer Ray has revealed that the musician practically cheated on her with Megan Fox. However, she cannot blame him, because as she says herself, in his place she would do the same!

Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox got into a relationship at a crazy pace. They met on the set and fell in love almost immediately. Everything happened so fast that hardly anyone remembers about the girl he was dating back then.

Now model Sommer Ray confesses that she was in his life when he started dating Megan Fox. However, the celebrity does not reproach her ex …

Machine Gun Kelly cheated on ex girlfriend from Megan Fox?

When Machine Gun Kelly left Puerto Rico in March 2020 to film Midnight in the Switchgrass alongside Megan Fox, he was dating 24-year-old Sommer Ray. He even invited a model to Puerto Rico!

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He said: come with me to Puerto Rico and I will “ok.” I’m going to Puerto Rico and he’s making this movie, Switchblade Grass or whatever, I don’t know. This is the movie he is shooting with Megan Fox so he’s excited. I was waiting at the hotel all the time while he was filming her, and I really … don’t want to think about it. I don’t want to feel insecure.

The celebrity spoke.

Sommer Ray confessed that fortunately she did not sleep with the musician. Machine Gun Kelly failed her test!

I’ve never had sex with him … I have to wait at least three months because I have to make sure you’re someone good to me. I won’t make a number with you if you’re not good to me. So Colson (Machine Gun Kelly) just never passed the test. I don’t feel bad saying this because he kind of cheated on me with Megan Fox.

Sommer said on Logan Paul’s March 24 podcast, Impulsive.

Later, in a joke, the model confessed that Megan Fox is so sexy that no one can resist. If Kelly’s Machine Gun were in place, she would probably do something with it too.

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