Machine Gun Kelly in mourning. Megan Fox’s boyfriend wrote a touching post

Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox no longer hide their romance. The rapper now has a good period in both his career and personal life. However, the musician’s happiness was interrupted by the dramatic news about the death of one of his closest people.

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Machine Gun Kelly, actually Colson Baker, has been conquering the global music industry for several years. Exactly a year ago, his famous album “Hotel Diablo” was released, but the musician had to postpone the plans to celebrate this anniversary. He just found out about his father’s death.

Machine Gun Kelly says goodbye to her father on Instagram

Colson has recently been dating Megan Fox, ex-sweetheart Brian Austin Green. The beautiful actress and the rapper adored in America slowly stop hiding behind their relationship. Fans congratulate him on his new life path, and the paparazzi do not step back. Meanwhile, a personal tragedy happened in the rapper’s life: the musician’s dad died, and MGK shared his grief with the fans:

I was going to celebrate the anniversary of the release of “Hotel Diablo” today. This album is everything I wanted to express, and I also know that it is important to my fans. But this morning my father breathed his last breath, and I have never felt more pain in my life – he wrote. I turn off the phone, I love you and thank you for everything.

Under the entry, the musician’s famous friends share their condolences with him:

I am sending you all the love of the world now – he wrote Travis Barker, husband Pink. Also Hailee Steinfeld commented on the MGK entry.

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