Machine Gun Kelly Praises Megan Fox’s Performance in Good Mourning: “She’s a Comedy Genius”

Machine Gun Kelly recently praised Megan Fox’s performance in Good Mourning calling her future wife a veritable ‘comedy genius’.

The new film by Machine Gun Kelly, Good Mourningit was a real “family business“: In addition to co-directing the project with his best friend, Mod Sun, the singer also had his future wife, Megan Foxas the protagonist of the stoner-movie.

In an ET Online interview, Machine Gun Kelly said: “I think you are a true comedy genius. I think she is so undervalued as a comic actress, she knows how to adapt to so many expressions and situations, for me it was really an honor“.

There are no words to describe what it was like working with her on set … I mean, it was so much fun … I was trying to make her not look like Megan Fox. I thought, ‘We should put on an old lady wig,’ and she was like, ‘I’m in it, that’s okay with me‘”, concluded the rapper.

Megan Fox, speaking of her future husband, said in a recent interview: “He wrote the whole movie in about three days, which is amazing. I saw all the explosions of his creativity, every time when he downloads something from the universe and creates an amazing product very quickly“.

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