Maciej Kawulski on potential cooperation between KSW and FAME MMA, “Don Kasjo” engagement

Maciej Kawulski he was present at the FAME MMA 12 gala and it was obviously no coincidence. One of the owners of the largest MMA organization in the world then met with the president of FAME MMA, Krzysztof Rozpara, when they had the opportunity to talk to each other.

Kawulski closely watched the duel in the boxing formula, in which former KSW champion Marcin Wrzosek faced Cassjusz “Don Kasjo” Życiński. It was “Don Kasjo” who turned out to be better by winning by the referee’s decision, and after the duel Kawulski admitted that there is no place in the KSW at the moment for the loser of this match, ie “Polish Zombie”. In an interview in the “Klatka po cage” program for WP Sportowe Fakty, Artur Mazur asked one of the KSW owners what the potential cooperation between FAME MMA and KSW would look like, which, according to Krzysztof Rozpara, they had the opportunity to talk about at the previous gala.

For nothing. On not making myself uphill. On realizing that we are not a competitor to each other, that we are complementary good to each other. Those people who see, smell, big sports events, maybe also become interested in this sport. That maybe our retired players, who will have big all the time fame, but insufficient opportunities to compete for the belt and fight against people who might hurt will take place there. Perhaps the opposite. Whenever there is an open heart, an open head creates a platform for understanding.

Kawulski also commented on the potential transfers between organizations. He mentioned “Don Kasjo” as the only competitor who sees the potential in the performances in the cage, but emphasized that he would definitely have to work on his ground skills. However, he praised his boxing skills and said that he is training hard, and not as he says himself, partying before fights.

I am not saying that we will be making transfers now and that … Although it is “Don Kasjo”, I must be honest, apart from the fact that he dances poorly, he moves decently! If he still had ground skills, he would be an interesting player for us. I think that all this except that he drinks, smokes, and a week before … It’s just a pose, the peasant moves, stands firm on his feet, has a very good overview, beats up, down. I’d say a few professionals don’t box like he does.

As far as I know from the guys from Pomerania … He trains very hard, it’s not like he puts his pipes away a week before. I don’t want to expose his marketing leverage, but it’s fucking. He’s a good boxer who would learn a few ground-level tricks and fight professional MMA fights. He is where he is, very well, this is his place, this is his kingdom, he is the king there. God forbid I do not want to take him from there, but when we talk about transfers, there are many more possibilities in this direction, I do not see it.

So far, at FAME MMA galas in various combat sports formulas, we could see, among others Borys Mańkowski or Norman Parke. The men faced each other in the fight of the evening of the FAME MMA 11 gala in the boxing formula in small gloves. Then the Pole turned out to be the winner, defeating Parke by a referee decision.

The next KSW gala will be held on December 18 in Gliwice. At KSW 65 we will see performances of players such as Mamed Khalidov, Roberto Soldić, Salahdine Parnasse and Daniel Torres. The organization is still announcing new listings for this gala. As for the next FAME MMA event, the organization’s 13th gala is likely to take place in early 2022. At the moment, the exact date of this event is unknown.

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