Mackel Melamed succeeds in descending Angel Falls [+Video]

Another adventure now revolves around Angel Falls mackel mailed Succeeded in landing this wonder of the world. One of his most challenging goals that affects his near and far.

And that this Venezuelan man suffering from muscular dystrophy created history by becoming First person with condition to descend world’s tallest waterfall in three daysThat is to say, Auyantepuy descended from about a thousand meters on a kind of stretcher.

He was in the company of Dos Locos on a trip; Emmanuel Vieira and Valery Sa, Isaias Landeta and Helena Carpio, as well as under the guidance and expertise of Federico Pisani, Ricardo Navas and Edgar Guarugata,

“Shook to the bone, I can say that after eighteen years our time has come. All my life beats behind my threshold and How my limits have been crossed the moment I have given myself the opportunity to go beyond”, said Melamed after reaching his goal.

The long-distance runner and motivator also emphasized that he will always expose Venezuela. He commented, “We always respect them for uncovering their wonders, but also learning to care for them at the same time.”

For their part, Dos Locos de Vieja insisted that this lineage “A story of love, care, adventure from the awareness of how to take care of and take care of yourself,

Melamed and his team announced that they undertook this adventure with permits in line with state environmental and health agencies.

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