Mackiewicz in LM like Sidmiak in M! Hits in the last second! [WIDEO]

After eight rounds of the Champions League, Mieszko Brześć had just one point in the group A table after a home draw against Croatian PPD Zagreb at 30:30. Therefore, in the Wednesday match in Norway, the hosts were the clear favorite to win.

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Goalkeeper the hero of the last action. A hit throughout the field

The game between Elverum and Mieszkow was, however, very balanced. When the hosts gained a three-goal advantage of 30:27 in the second half, it seemed that they would gain two valuable points. The Belarusians, however, managed to draw a draw of 32 each, but the last action to be played several seconds before the end had Elverum.

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The hosts put everything on one card and by withdrawing the goalkeeper they had the advantage of one player in the field. The problem was that they also had an empty gate as a result. Elverum, even in an advantage, could not lose the defense of Mieszko, and a throw from the second line of Eric Johansson was perfectly saved by goalkeeper Mieszko Iwan Mackiewicz. After a while, the same player sent a strong throw towards the empty goal of the Norwegians. The ball fell into the net and the Mieszko team could explode with joy from the premiere victory in this competition.

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Despite the victory of 33:32, Mieszkow Brest remains in the last, eighth place in group A. Elverum, with eight points on his account, is fifth.

The Norwegian audience could experience a real “deja vu”, because in identical circumstances their national team lost the match for the semi-finals of the 2009 World Cup with Poland, when after a crazy chase and the legendary goal of Artur Siódmiak, the Poles won 31:30.

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