Macron: “I asked the Pope to call Putin and Biden.” Spiraglio of Peskov, and Parolin: «Positive opening» –

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Francis at the Colosseum for the Sant’Egidio meeting: «We are not neutral, but aligned for peace. Let’s not fall into the trap of hatred for the enemy, let’s defuse the conflict with the weapon of dialogue “

VATICAN CITY— «Let us not allow ourselves to be infected by the perverse logic of war; let us not fall into the trap of hatred for the enemy. Let us put peace at the heart of the vision of the future, as the central objective of our personal, social and political action, at all levels ».

At the Colosseum, Pope Francis closes the international meeting “The cry of peace” organized by the Community of Sant’Egidio with religious leaders from all over the world. «We defuse conflicts with the weapon of dialogue», he syllable: «We are not« neutral, but aligned for peace ».

Since the beginning of the invasion of Ukraine, he says he is ready to do his part and now something is moving.

On Monday he had received the French president at the Vatican Emmanuel Macronwhich at the weekly Le Point has explained: “I encouraged Pope Francis to call Vladimir Putin and Patriarch Kirill of Moscow, but also Joe Biden. We need that the United States take a seat around the table to facilitate the peace process in Ukraine. And Joe Biden has a real relationship of trust with the Pope and the Pope can have an influence on him for the American re-engagement in Haiti and Ukraine ».

UThis proposal was “positively” received by the Kremlin spokesman, Dmitri Peskov, as reported by the Tass agency: «We are ready to discuss all this with the Americans, and with the French, and with the pontiff. I repeat once again, Russia is open to all contacts “, he said, except to add:” But we must start from the fact that Ukraine has codified the non-continuation of negotiations “.

Thus Cardinal Pietro Parolin, the Pope’s Secretary of State, commented: “This is positive, that there is an opening of this kind”. Of course, “Obviously this is a generic opening that will then have to be realized, taking into account all aspects”Parolin added, “but that there is a willingness to speak seems to me a sign”.

The Pope is ready, just in case. In his words at the Colosseum there is a sense of growing urgency: “Today, in fact, what was feared and what we never wanted to hear: that the use of atomic weapons, which culpably continued to be produced and tested after Hiroshima and Nagasaki, is now openly threatened“. We live in one “Dark scenario, where unfortunately the designs of the powerful of the earth do not rely on the just aspirations of the peoples”. Francis cites the historic radio message of John XXIII, October 25, 1962, during the Cuban missile crisis: «We beg all the rulers not to remain deaf to this cry of humanity. Let them do everything in their power to save the peace. They will thus save the world from the horrors of a war, the terrible consequences of which cannot be predicted. Promoting, encouraging, accepting dialogues, at all levels and at all times, is a rule of wisdom and prudence that attracts the blessing of heaven and earth ». And he adds: «Sixty years later, these words are very timely. I make them mine. We invoke it ius pacis as the right of all to settle conflicts without violence ».

The pontiff and the representatives of the various Christian confessions prayed inside the Flavian Amphitheater, the other religions in different places in the city. And now they are all here, next to the pontiff and the founder of Sant’Egidio Andrea Riccardiby the chief rabbi of Rome, Riccardo Di Segnito the Kuwaiti Abu al-Qasim al-Dibaj, general secretary of the World Organization Pan-Islamic Jurisprudence. There is also the writer Edith Bruck, a Holocaust survivor, who warmly greets Francis. “Millions of people in the world express, in different ways, a will:” Enough with the war! “”, Recalls the president of Sant’Egidio, Marco Impagliazzo, and the list of conflicts is long: «From the bombed Ukraine, from the trenches of the Donbass, the cry of the wounded, the dying, the lament of family and friends rises. The same screams of pain, the same pleas for peace, rise from Syria, the Caucasus, Afghanistan, Yemen, Libya, Ethiopia, the Sahel, the North of Mozambique, from dozens of other known or unknown places. “. On Monday, on the second day of the meeting, also Columbia University economist Jeffrey Sachs, special adviser to the UN Secretary General, had evoked the Cuban missile crisis of 1962, “we are going through the most dangerous moment in the history of the world since sixty years ”, to the point of observing:“ We are pushing the actors in the field to choose between a humiliating retreat or a nuclear war ”. In the square next to the Colosseum there are two thousand people, Francesco’s tone is solemnAnd

: «The cry for peace is often silenced not only by war rhetoric but also by indifference. It is silenced by the hatred that grows as you fight. But the invocation for peace cannot be suppressed: it rises from the hearts of mothers, it is written on the faces of refugees, families on the run, the wounded or the dying. And this silent cry rises to heaven. He does not know magic formulas to get out of conflicts, but he has the sacrosanct right to ask for peace in the name of the sufferings suffered, and he deserves to be listened to. It deserves that everyone, starting with the rulers, stoop down to listen with seriousness and respect. The cry for peace expresses the pain and horror of war, mother of all poverty ”. The Pope recalled a sentence from his encyclical All brothers: “War is a failure of politics and humanity, a shameful surrender, a defeat in the face of the forces of evil.” The final appeal for peace is read on behalf of all by Elissar, a refugee girl from Syria and now a university student in Rome: «Humanity must end wars or it will be a war that will end humanity. The world, our common home, is unique and does not belong to us, but to future generations. Therefore, let’s free him from the nuclear nightmare. Let us immediately reopen a serious dialogue on nuclear non-proliferation and the dismantling of nuclear weapons. Let’s start together again from the dialogue which is effective medicine for the reconciliation of peoples. We invest in every way of dialogue. Peace is always possible! No more war! Never again against each other! ».

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