Macron wants a return to school “from August 20” for students “who need it”

“There are too many vacations, and too busy days”. As the executive began its return to school with a Council of Ministers this Wednesday morning, Emmanuel Macron gave a long interview to our colleagues from Point.

Among the topics discussed: school, for which the president plans to shorten the holidays for certain students in difficulty.

“The students we have assessed, and who need them, we must be able to bring them back from August 20 to allow them to catch up, and we must reconquer the month of June for students who do not pass no tests at the end of the year”, he launched.

“Getting out of “French hypocrisies”

In addition to this project, Emmanuel Macron wants to “get out of French hypocrisy”. The Head of State then cited the fact that we welcome the “80% of a class of baccalaureate age”, while a third is in vocational high schools whose situation is “inadmissible”. This is why he intends to “close training where there are no outlets and open it where there are needs”.

Regarding the reform of the baccalaureate, strongly criticized for being the cause of high absenteeism in high school at the end of the year, Emmanuel Macron recognized that “we cannot have tests so early in the year”. He added that the new Minister of National Education Gabriel Attal would announce “adjustments” in the coming days.

Another “hypocrisy”: considering that “going to university is an end in itself”. Emmanuel Macron deplored the fact that one in two students did not complete their first university cycle.

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