Madame Web, Sydney Sweeney nervous about Dakota Johnson: “She is tremendously sexy”

Last Saturday, Sydney Sweeney was present on the red carpet of the 11th LACMA Art + Film Gala and here she was able to chat for a few moments with journalists, revealing that working with the co-star Dakota Johnson in Sony’s next Marvel film, Madame Web, it was initially a nerve-wracking experience. Filming is currently underway.

I was a little nervousSweeney told Variety’s Marc Malkin at the event, reflecting on her reaction to seeing her colleague in person. The actress said she has been a Johnson fan for several years now.I have to confess that I secretly watched 50 Shades of Gray in high school. My parents didn’t let me go see it but I watched it anyway. So I’m a big fan of him. It’s terribly sexy“.

Did you tell him?‘ asked the reporter, to which the Euphoria star first laughed and then replied: ‘No! But Dakota, you are hot and I really enjoyed working with you“.

Filming of Madame Web is underway and seems to confirm that Dakota Johnson will play Cassandra Webwhile the star of Euphoria and The White Lotus Sydney Sweeney will be Julia Carpenter: the identity of the roles of the two actresses had been anticipated at the beginning of last August exclusively by the well-known Cosmic Circus portal, the same one that in recent weeks has maintained that Spiderman 4 will be a sequel to Daredevil Born Again and that the future in the MCU of Spiderman will be tied to the Avengers films.

For those who don’t know, Cassandra Web is the original Madame Weba mutant leader of the Spider-Women group and endowed with incredible psychic powers and foresight, while Julia Carpenter is the second Spider-Woman: in the course of her editorial history she has been both an ally of Spider-Man and a villain, she has donned the black symbiote suit filling the role of anti-heroine behind the secret identity of Arachne, and also assumed the legacy of the second Madame Web.

Madame Web has a new release date set at February 16, 2024. For other readings we point out that Sydney Sweeney will be Barbarella in the remake of Sony Pictures announced a few weeks ago.

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