Made in Abyss: Binary Star Falling. RPG based on the popular anime on the first materials

“Made in Abyss” anime is becoming more and more popular. It was recently announced that the series will soon receive season 2 and a live-action adaptation. A video game is also coming.

The premiere of the second season of the series “Made in Abyss” will take place in 2022. Also next year on the console and PC market (PC, Switch, PS4) Made in Abyss, which Spike Chunsoft is currently working on, will be released. The title will be introduced to the market in Europe and the USA in a digital and boxed version (on the Old Continent it will be distributed by Numskull Games).

The game, which was unveiled in May 2021, has unfortunately still not been provided with a trailer. We have the first one at our disposal screenshots, depicting gameplay situations that we will encounter in Made in Abyss: Star Falling into Darkness.

Made in Abyss: Star Falling into Darkness is described by Spike Chunsoft as Action RPG. In the game, we will not only experience the well-known story from the series. Developers will also provide brand new story events thanks to their cooperation with Akihito Tsukushi.

Screenshots that are waiting for you below, in our gallery, unfortunately, they do not arouse special enthusiasm. Made in Abyss: Star Falling into Darkness looks like a smartphone title in these gameplay pictures. Spike Chunsoft points out, however, that these are materials from an early version of production. Perhaps, therefore, the setting of this game adaptation will be further improved.


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