Madonna to auction her sexiest photos to celebrate ‘Sex’ 30th anniversary

There was no one better than Madonna herself to explain the meaning and magnitude of the erotic photo book, published in 1992 to coincide with the release of her album. erotica: “30 years ago I published a book called gender Which included pictures of men kissing other men, women kissing women and everyone kissing themselves. In it I also wrote about my sexual fantasies and shared my perspective on sexuality in an ironic way. I spent the next few years interviewing narrow-minded people who tried to embarrass me in order to empower me as a woman. They called me a prostitute, a witch, a heretic and a devil. Now, Cardi B sings about her pussy, Kim Kardashian can appear on any cover showing her ass, and Miley Cyrus can cum like a wrecking ball. You’re welcome bitch,” the 64-year-old pop star wrote on her Instagram account last year. gender It’s been going ever since: Late last year, Saint Laurent’s creative director Anthony Vaccarello and Madonna organized a pop-up exhibit inside Art Basel Miami, which featured some snapshots of the controversial book and an 800-copy reissue of the book. Published from Now it is Christie’s auction house that puts up for sale 40 candid images taken by Steven Meisel.

“Christie’s is pleased to announce its participation in the anniversary celebration initiated by the reissue of Madonna and Saint Laurent. genderThe photographic book Madonna and Steven Meisel, published in 1992, went beyond borders. As part of the project, Christie’s will present Madonna x Meisel – The Sex Photographsauctioning more than 40 works,” announced the auction house via its website. The sale will take place on October 6, 2023 in New York City and starting prices are currently undisclosed.

Madonna also announced the auction through a statement on her Instagram account along with the announcement of some photos. “It’s taken us four decades and many provocative photo shoots to open people’s minds through art!” Singer wrote. Paradoxically, the images posted by Madonna are the least explicit in the collection, knowing how fussy this social network is with female nudes.

“Since its release in 1992, Madonna’s book became a controversial cultural sensation around the world, both because of its erotic content and its liberated vision of sexuality,” he recalls from Christie’s. The original book, in addition to Meisel’s photographs, contained a series of texts written by the singer, presenting Dita, her alter ego, a tribute to German actress Dita Parlo. What exactly the book contained was an enigma in the pre-internet era, as explained in an article mouse which explained how the book came to be and what its launch meant: “In the large bookstore chain in New York, the book was not only wrapped and cellophane and closed, but placed on special shelves, for which a It was necessary to ask the employee for this.” Price even popped off some doors to look inside, as it cost about $50 at the time. There were people who saved money, as fans who want to attend the singer’s concert are now able to get it.

The curiosity was such that rumors suggested that inside the book, which few people had access to, were pictures of sex with animals. Nothing could be further from the truth: “What are nude photographs of Madonna, often exposing her body in front of a mirror, or being bound and subjugated by men and women, or emulating practices such as black kissing or images of him kissing celebrities such as Naomi Campbell, Isabella Rossellini or rapper Vanilla Ice, the singer’s lover at the time. There is racial, sexual and gender diversity”, he explained in the article in mouse,

Madonna herself, the queen of provocation, cared little for the rumors, as the book remained on the best-read list for weeks. the new York Times And, perhaps most importantly, it started a conversation about sex, consent, pleasure, and girl power that hasn’t died down to this day. The proof of this is this new auction. In the words of Darius Himes, Christie’s Vice President and International Head of Photography: “In the 30 years since the release of his infamous book genderWhat has become clear is just how iconic those photos really are. They are situated at a moment in late 20th-century art history that is of the essence of a moment, fickle and prophetic, and at the same time hints at a future of public stardom driven by image-conscious figures. These images are nothing short of spectacular.

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