Madrid public healthcare prices: 2024 update

this Madrid’s neighborhoods has officially launched a new public price To provide health services and activities. The tables, which have not been revised in six years, determine the cost of every health operation carried out in the region, from surgeries to ambulance transports.

In the order of public prices for the provision of health services in the Autonomous Community of Madrid, the Ministry of Health advocates Fatima Matut Stressing that the obsolescence of these charges would “damage the territory’s central network”, the territory “is forced to provide assistance today at the price it receives “That’s not enough to cover its costs.”.

The published prices contained in this order are based on prices currently in effect, where Dating back to 2017then derived from the analytical information system to ensure that the service in question is Great value for money.

Public price lists are presented categorized according to whether activities are performed in specialized care centres, primary care centers and other centres.

Open price for health action

In this way, the order includes the cost of every activity of a healthy nature carried out in the area, including transportation costs ambulance (Typically €353, but up to €705 if traveling from the airport).

interventions medical helicopter, in mountain rescue or traffic accidents, the cost increases significantly. The base price is €7,200, with hourly mobilization of €6,821.

Query at primary health care The public price without additional testing is 50 eurosup to 7000 in extreme cases where mobile resources are required.

operated on digestive systemfor example, the range is between 10,000 and 24,000 euros; having the appendix removed may cost more than 15,000 euros.

cost of intervention newborn For very little money you can get close to 100,000 euros.

In turn, in specialized care centers, activities related to inpatient activities are considered, distinguishing them from outpatient activities as well as techniques and activities. Diagnostic and therapeutic proceduresand other activities of a non-nursing nature.

Corresponding rates for activities and services are also included. Blood treatments and transfusions, Include new headings to make your table of contents fit The reality of clinical practice.Likewise, public prices apply to related services and products tissue bank Autonomous Community of Madrid.

Finally, the public prices that apply to services reference unit Infectious disease and genetic research, for special cases where the patient is immobile.

Although it may contain statements, data, or notes from health agencies or professionals, the information contained in medical writing is compiled and prepared by journalists. Readers are advised to consult a healthcare professional with any health-related questions.

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