Madrid, Spain, Pedro Sanchez. Protest of policemen and gendarmes in front of the government seat

Thousands of Spanish police and gendarmes took part in a rally against security policy led by Pedro Sanchez’s center-left cabinet on Wednesday. The protest organized under the seat of the government in Madrid also gathered politicians from the opposition groups.

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According to the organizers of the demonstration, the authorities of more than 40 organizations representing Spanish security service officials, including representatives of several regional police formations, participated in the protest.

The leaders of the largest opposition groups in the Spanish parliament, Pablo Casado from the center-right People’s Party, and Santiago Abascal from the conservative Vox, also took part in the protest under the slogan “Not for dangerous Spain”.

The main postulate of the protesters is that the government should withdraw from the amendment to the law on organization of the demonstration. According to the draft of a new law supported by the socialists and the left-wing block of Unidas Podemos, from 2022 policemen and gendarmes would be partially deprived of the possibility of using direct measures, including use of rubber bullets to suppress the antics of demonstrators.

The amendment also abolishes the ban on filming the faces of the intervening policemen and makes the procedure of writing more difficult for them participants of the protests, even people behaving in an aggressive manner.

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Regulations planned by the government also make it easier to organize mass and, at the same time, spontaneous demonstrations. Additionally, aggressive people detained during the demonstration are to stay at the police station for a maximum of two hours.

Opponents of the new regulations criticize them for being too lenient towards participants in violent protests. They indicate that the new law provides for the abolition of fixed amounts of fines for crimes committed during rallies, and the penalties are to be calculated on the basis of the annual earnings of the convicted demonstrator.

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In Spain, where an average of 10 demonstrations a day are organized, from mid-November there are ongoing protests of metal factory workers. On Wednesday, two policemen were injured as a result of violent statements by strikers.

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