Madrid’s schedules and results called by their national teams

It’s here Madridistas Who have been called up by their selection to play in international meets in September. Carvajal, Joselu and Kepa (Spain), Bellingham (England), Camavinga and Tchoumeny (France), Alaba (Austria), Rüdiger (Germany), Modric (Croatia), Lunin (Ukraine), Rodrigo (Brazil) and Valverde (Uruguay) Will play friendly matches as well as qualifying matches for Euro 2024 and 2026 World Cup.


Georgia-Spain (Friday 8 September, 6pm)

Spain-Cyprus (Tuesday 12 September, 8:45pm)

carvajal, joselu And Kepa Has been called up by Spain to play two qualifying matches for Euro 2024. The first will be in Georgia and the second in Grenada against Cyprus.


France-Ireland (2-0)

Germany-France (Tuesday 12 September at 9pm)
French selection has called camavinga And chuameni, Both Madridistas Took part in the win against the Irish selection. The first played the final minutes, while the second started and scored the first goal of the game. Next they would face Rüdiger’s Germany in a friendly.


Austria-Moldova (1-1)

Sweden-Austria (Tuesday 12 September, 8:45pm)

david Alaba Before participating in another day of the qualifying stage for the Euros, played a friendly match against Moldova, which ended in a draw. madridista Came in the second half. Austria will then travel to Sweden.


Croatia-Latvia (Friday, September 8, 8:45 pm)

Armenia-Croatia (Monday 11 September, 6pm)

Modric He will have a captain of his choosing, who will play two qualifying matches for the Euros in Germany. Croatia will host Latvia and then travel to Armenia.


Ukraine-England (Saturday 9 September, 6pm)

Scotland-England (Tuesday 12 September, 8:45pm)
of England bellingham Will play a qualifying match for the Euro and a friendly match. The official duel would take place in Poland against the Ukrainian selection of Lunin. Three days later, the English would face Scotland.


Germany-Japan (Saturday 9 September, 8:45pm)

Germany-France (Tuesday 12 September at 9pm)

Rudiger Was called by Germany to play two friendly matches. The first would be against Japan, then the second, three days later, against France from Camawinga and Tchoumeni.


Ukraine-England (Saturday 9 September, 6pm)

Italy-Ukraine (Tuesday 12 September at 8:45pm ET)
ukraine called Monin To play two qualifying matches for Euro 2024. doorman madridista England will face Bellingham and Italy.


Brazil-Bolivia (Saturday, September 9, 2:45 AM)

Peru-Brazil (Wednesday 13 September, 4am)

rodrigo Two qualifying matches will have to be played for the 2026 World Cup. In the first, Brazil would face Bolivia on home ground, before traveling to Peru to judge themselves against Peru.


Uruguay-Chile (Saturday 9 September, 1pm)

Ecuador-Uruguay (Tuesday, September 12 at 11 PM)

fede valverde Two matches will be played corresponding to the qualifying stage for the World Cup. Uruguay’s first match will be against Chile at the Centenario Stadium in Montevideo and the second in Ecuador.

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