Maes gets arrested by the police in Dubai, we know someone who must be happy (yes it’s Booba) – Purebreak

The bad news keeps coming for Maes. The 28-year-old rapper from Sevran did not have the expected success with his latest album “Omerta” released last March, with sales figures far from his previous opuses, was cheated in full adultery with the influencer Maëva Ghennam and is in the middle of a terribly violent clash with her favorite former collaborator, Booba (the two men have recorded no less than five titles together including the two hits Madrina And White).

But as if that were not enough, the artist from Sevran has just been arrested by the police in Dubai, a place he likes to go to regularly in recent months, particularly since his manager was shot in the head. the heart last December and that he is regularly cited in score-settling cases. “Sorry for today’s festival I won’t be there… The complaining is never over“, he wrote in an Instagram story accompanied by the hashtag “PoliceDubai“.

A clash of rare violence

Above, we can see him filming himself, handcuffed, in a local police station. The reasons for his arrest have not yet been communicated. He was expected at the Le Chant du Gros festival this evening in Switzerland and his show was therefore ultimately simply canceled. However, the organization had time to replace him with Koba LaD.

There is no doubt that this information should delight Booba. The two rappers have been in open conflict for many months, and their rivalry seems to have reached a new level in recent weeks. Indeed, after exchanging barbs via social network, the artists each drop files on the other. Thus, Booba revealed the reason why Maes had been in prison in the past, while the latter did not hesitate to attack the family of the Duke of Boulogne, in particular by making fun of his parents. Now it remains to be seen how this story will end…

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