Maffashion mistook Kendall Jenner for Kylie. Knocked up at a meeting

Maffashion met Kendall Jenner and had a slip-up that she remembered for years – as did the reaction of a world-famous celebrity. Agnieszka Woźniak-Starak told about everything in the podcast Enlightened Hedonists.

Maffashion is one of those that initiated an internet career in Poland. In 2009, she founded a fashion blog where she presented her stylizations. A constantly growing group of recipients made it popular, and hence, serious cooperation with brands.

The blogger can be proud of many awards – incl. in category Blogger of the year in a plebiscite Glam Awards. Over time, she began to go to the world’s largest Fashion Weeks, reports of which she published in her social media. At one of such events, something that she will remember for a long time happened to her. And it’s not just about meeting the designer – Oscar de la Renta.

Maffashion had a mishap at a meeting with Kendall Jenner

Maffashion travels a lot, mainly for business purposes. Her duties include coverage of world fashion shows on Instagram. Julia in her latest interview with Enlightened Hedonists she told a story that happened to her during one of the trips.

Podcast host Agnieszka Woźniak-Starak asked her to share her experience with an uncool person:

Was anyone uncool? Well, I had this situation, but it’s more my fuck up. I was so stressed out and on the run that I asked for a picture of Kylie and Kylie says to me, “I’m not Kylie, I’m Kendall.” So sort of like this. But she took this picture with me. They are so big, they are so big, I am so small to them – she explained.

Trying to change the subject, she began to share her thoughts on Kim Kadashian:

It is a shock that Kim Kardashian is shorter than me. She is tiny, tiny. That big bum that is juicy is also small. The point is, in its proportions it is, you know … It all looks different live. She is a really small person.

Maybe this time it wasn’t the Kardashian Maffashion was thinking about? Agnieszka decided to check if Julka distinguishes between sisters:

Kylie is the one with that Stormi, that baby girl, and Kendall is the one who’s the model.

This time she guessed flawlessly.

You can listen to the whole conversation between Woźniak-Starak and Maffashion below.

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