Magda Gessler about the relationship of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck

Magda Gessler commented on the photos of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck in Venice. What does the restaurateur think of an American couple that returned after many years?

Magda Gessler she is very active on social media. She is especially active on Instagram, where her profile is followed by over a million internet users. The star publishes on it selfies, photos of friends, dishes, but also comments on other entries herself. And so, for example, recently she drew attention to our gallery devoted to shared leisure Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck in Venice.

The American couple has been in a relationship for several months. However, this is not a completely new relationship, as Jennifer and Ben were together from 2002-2004. Journalists then called them “Bennifer” (from their combined names). Where does this nickname come from? It was a reference to their intimacy and frequent boasting about their private life.

Magda Gessler comments on the photos of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck

The Hollywood couple flew to Venice, where they will take part in the Film Festival where Ben will be promoting the film Last Duel. Partner Jennifer is the co-author of the screenplay for the picture directed by Ridley Scott. In the photos we shared on Instagram, you can see a couple wandering the streets of an Italian city wearing face masks. Internet users commented on the entry.

I’ve always cheered on them. Old love does not rust – wrote one of the fans of our profile.

There were also some more humorous entries. One of the people added:

Nice couple, but I wouldn’t hook up with my ex again.

Interestingly, our post was also commented by Magda Gessler. What did the restaurateur write? Hostess Kitchen revolution posted a short but very meaningful entry under the photos, which suggests that she is keeping her fingers crossed for the future of the couple. She commented:

Cudas and my beloved ones.

Gessler had praised Jennifer Lopez before and even admitted on Instastory that Latina is her “ideal”. Admittedly, both celebrities have one thing in common – both love originality and look like colorful birds.

Magda Gessler on anti-vaccines. Edyta Górniak’s reaction

Recently, Gessler has received a lot of attention due to her brave words about restrictions on unvaccinated people against the coronavirus.

Yes, I absolutely support (…). Vaccinated people will enter the restaurant, “wiped out”, if not, they will not enter, as it is in Austria or Switzerland – she said when the journalist asked her if she supports that unvaccinated people cannot enter the restaurant.

She reacted quickly to Gessler’s words Edyta Górniak. As an outspoken opponent of vaccinations, she did not like the views of the restaurateur. She said:

In fact, I listened to Mrs. Gessler’s statements several times, because I hoped I heard something wrong and misunderstood it. First, the mocking one hit me, not to say the mocking tone of this statement. Wouldn’t it be milder to say “I wish everyone in my restaurant would feel good”? (…) How can you say of whoever I’m quoting: “only the wiped ones will come in”? What is this term? Can a man say that about a man? I appeal to all of us, above all understanding, let us not lose our morals

She added that she had once been to a restaurant run by Gessler, but never returned to it. She did not reveal any more details.

For some reason, I didn’t go back to Mrs. Gessler’s restaurant for many years. I am a foodie and my body prefers to eat light and natural, without adding any flavor enhancers or flavorings.

Do you share Magda’s enthusiasm for J. Lo and Ben?

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