Maggie the psychic plays between balance and a future of love

Is romantic comedy dead? Maybe or maybe it’s rarer to see her on the big screen. The golden age of the “thunderbolt” in Notting Hill is behind us and the queens of the genre (Julia Roberts, Sandra Bullock‚Ķ) have moved on to Oscar-winning drama. What happened since it took two weeks to fall in love? Have we suddenly become less sentimental? No, just more demanding. With sex we want drama because love in life never goes like in the movies.

So ten years ago, Matthew McConaughey put on his shirt and romantic comedy found a new medium: television. When television appropriates a genre consecrated by cinema, it doesn’t necessarily renew it, but we hope at least that it will be reawakened by the time it takes for a series, 20 minutes for 13 episodes. Aired on Disney + Maggie dribbles the codes of traditional comedy and “predicts” what the future holds. Because the heroine (Rebecca Rittenhouse), created by Justin Adler and Maggie Mull, is a young psychic who has to face visions of a future that is always postponed every day to protect herself and stay in balance. In vain, she because she loses him the day she meets Ben (David Del Rio) and sees a tomorrow of love. But knowing first what will happen next, does she really protect us from errors of judgment and sentimental disappointments? As with any other mystery, the answer has the fickleness of love. In anticipation of happiness, Maggie’s clairvoyance is at the service of her best friend (Nichole Bloom), from whom she saves yet another disastrous date. She’s nothing extraordinary about Maggie but she does her job and looks like a beautiful tree at Christmas. With a smile and guilty pleasure.

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