Magnets on the fridge? Don’t, ⛔ you could damage him forever

Let’s find out why it is better not to put the magnets that we all have as memories on our beloved refrigerator.

Let’s confess it is the most popular gift when we go somewhere new, we all have a lot of them at home, then there are people who collect them and therefore have an even greater number.

Magnets on the fridge?  Don't do it, shock reason!
Magnets on the fridge? Don’t do it, shock reason!

The magnets then they are cute because they put cheerfulnessare colorful and funny, and then the refrigerator and the ideal place where to put them has a very large metal surface, so what’s wrong with that?

Magnets on the fridge? Don’t do it, shock reason!

They can be of all shapes and sizes, there are the small ones that we can also use to keep a small note, or there are those with the shapes of the place, but also small personalized images that warm our heart.

Let’s try to understand if it is something that should never be done or if there are some small exceptionsalso because it would be sad not to see all those images of colored places, or notes we have, don’t you think?

In reality the advice is only for those who have a latest generation household appliance, or those that also have a touchscreen, just like our mobile phones and over time, due to the magnetic fields that are created with magnets, are ruined.

But if we have a slightly older refrigerator, then, we are in luck we can continue to enjoy this beautiful joy regarding all these memories on the door of our large appliance.

Magnets on the fridge?  Don't do it, shock reason!
Magnets on the fridge? Don’t do it, shock reason!

Do we have one of these models instead? Here you are our advice, buy one slate metallic and put it in the kitchen, in this way you can still see your magnets but without the fear of ruining the refrigerator.

Or, we can choose, very nice and new thing, a magnetic paint, that we find without any problem either on the internet or in DIY stores and cover one wall of our kitchen.

So we would have a much, much larger space at our disposal to attach the magnets and therefore to relive each time, and increase the collection more and more, beautiful journeys and memories that are good for our heart!

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