Major Earthquake Damages Infrastructure in Alaska

A magnitude 7.0 earthquake shook the south of Alaska. The center of the quake was registered, according to the US Earthquake Bureau (USGS), about twelve kilometers north of Anchorage. It happened 43 kilometers deep.

Buildings swayed in the largest city of Anchorage, cracks appeared in streets. The police spoke of significant damage to homes, Several people were injured, most by broken glass and falling objects.

Pictures on social networks and regional TV stations showed cracked windows, fallen furniture and a sagging street. There were reports of power outages. An oil pipeline was shut down as a precaution.

Airport Anchorage temporarily closed, After the quake, up to 10,000 households were out of power for several hours. The Anchorage airport is temporarily closed.

City Department Bill Falsey said emergency services responded to 28 flood reports. US government calls emergency, Governor Bill Walker issued a catastrophe report – a measure to help organize more quickly. The repair of the roads will take at least a week, he said.

US President Donald Trump was briefed on the quake at the G20 summit in Argentina. He promised the state of Alaska assistance from the government and called for a state of emergency to clear the way for federal funds.

A tsunami warning issued by authorities for some parts of the south coast has been withdrawn. On the island of Kodiak, the residents had been asked by the police to go to higher altitudes.

In Alaska, there are always earthquakes due to the clash of tectonic plates. The strongest since the beginning of the recordings – with a value of 9.2 – occurred in 1964 east of Anchorage. Around 130 people were killed at that time.

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