Major traffic issues to reach and leave Varcher Boutique

While the festival organizer can easily negotiate a means of reaching Werchter each year, the Flemish festival grounds are always equally difficult to reach. Yesterday afternoon, heavy traffic delayed motorists for more than three hours (and some more than five!) while it was 30 degrees outside.

The festival announced via Twitter that all parking tickets were sold out and asked everyone to leave their cars in Leuven at parking lot P1 on Martelrenlaan to take the bus, but nothing helped. Also, many people follow the signals of their GPS rather than the signals of the organization.

Obviously the return was also difficult. On Twitter, a Flemish viewer ironically points out that next week, for Harry Styles, he will leave 5 hours early and return, skipping twenty songs before the concert ends…

The shutters of the bus also came crashing down and got stuck in the traffic jam. In short, paying 25 Euros for parking is no longer enough to please the invited public! Some even decided to spend the night in their car …

It feared the worst for a Bruce Springsteen concert on Sunday and a Harry Styles concert on June 24.

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