Make love to make peace: here are the 8 benefits of orgasm. But it’s also good for the planet

“Mum mum, what is orgasm?!” asks the child. “Why are you asking me? What do I know… ask your father instead! I with him I’ve never tried one…“. The dialogue of this sarcastic cartoon said a lot about how things were in the family, especially for the female part of the couple, at least until a few years ago. When the ‘climax’ was still taboo, and it was rough, or at least inappropriate, to even talk about it. Today things have changed so much that the pleasure felt during an act of love is so necessary not only to feel good about yourself, and not only to provide well-being and serenity to the couple; but more generally, also to make money benefits the entire planet. Well yes: the energy of the Earth would depend on what happens under the sheets.
Paul Reffell and Donna Sheehan are convinced of this, who in 2006 created the “Global Orgasm for Peace Day“, not to be confused with International Orgasm Day, which instead falls on July 31st. Instead, they set the date for this global appointment at 21 December, not surprisingly coinciding with the winter solstice, which recalls the concept of regeneration. In fact, the “World Orgasm Day for Peace” aims to regenerate, ie to recharge the globe with energy and positivity thanks to the ‘vibrations’ emitted during the orgasms of couples throughout the world. The message sounds loud and clear, and if in the sixties it resonated with the slogan “Make love, not war”, it has now evolved into “Make love to make peace“. AstraRicerche, at the end of 2021, conducted a survey highlighting that almost 7 out of 10 people, both men and women, consider their sex life to be satisfactory. But how to convey potential and beneficial energy of personal pleasure by placing it at the service of the entire Planet Earth? Soon said: this day, the so-called “Global Orgasm Day”, serves precisely to synchronize the pleasure in the direction of the collective well-being. In practice all this translates, on the night between 21 and 22 December, into uniting the world community in a climate of collective peace through a great and widespread synchronized orgasm.

Eight reasons why sex is good: from the heart to the skin

Sexual pleasure has many benefits on a physical, mental and other levels

Having an active sex life is a panacea, science says so. I am eight reasons why sex is good for you to health: from the positive effects on sleep and on the brain to its ‘anti-aging’ actions and protective for the cardiovascular system. A study that appeared in the Journal of Sexual Medicine shows that, especially for men, have a lively sex life improves circulation blood and reduces the blood levels of a substance called homocysteine ​​which, if in excess, is linked to the risk of blood clots and heart attacks. The sex it’s good for sleep (and vice versa): studies show that, after an encounter in bed, the levels of a hormone that mediates relaxation – prolactin – rise significantly. Also for men, sexual activity and ejaculation in general have been associated with numerous studies lower risk of cancer to the prostate, although to date the potential mechanisms of this association remain unknown. Sex and reaching a climax of pleasure were also found to have an effect painkiller, raising the pain threshold, especially in women. According to North Carolina ob-gyn Alyse Kelly-Jones, sexual activity can reduce menstrual cramps strengthening the pelvic floor. And that’s not all, sex is considered great anti-stress, probably thanks to the endorphins released during sexual activity, which reduce the stress signals sent to the brain and increase the good mood. And it’s a good one too gymnastics: You can burn up to 250 calories each time you do this kind of ‘activity,’ explains Naomi Greenblatt, medical director of The Rocking Chair in New Jersey. Even the brain and mental abilities (memory, higher executive functions such as decision-making ability, etc.) benefit from it, as demonstrated in a study in The Journals of Gerontology: Series B, according to which – at the same age – the more sexually active you are, the more yours mental functions are snappy. Finally, it has an anti-aging action: according to David Weeks of the Royal Edinburgh Hospital, again thanks to endorphins and other substances released during sexual activity, one appears a few years younger, the skin is more protected from wrinkles and other signs of aging .

Orgasm Day for single women: Sex Toys boom

Also thanks to days like these, sexual well-being has no longer been a taboo topic like it once was, just as the clichés about female pleasure are on the way to overcoming. And for those who believe they cannot participate in Orgasm Day without having a partner available, they are very mistaken: the personal pleasure – as a couple – can also be reached through the Sex toys of which there has been a real boom lately. Sexuality has therefore become a cleared theme also for women when it began to be associated with the magic word of this period: well-being. There is nothing to hide, especially now that it has taken a more holistic path of self-care, on a par with the attention and good intentions that the female sex has, for example, towards healthy eating, skin care or exercise physicist. The trend exploded during theannus horribilis of the pandemic, 2020, and analysts speculate that it was precisely this gloomy period that gave women the impetus to rethink their sex lives. The private is now the focus of female thoughts so much as to become public to be understood, metabolized and accepted through the involvement of renowned women, actresses and influencers, and of female engineers and psychologists who have decided to deal with the subject firsthand. The actress Dakota Johnson, the Anastasia Steele of “Fifty Shades of Grey”, precisely during the pandemic and through Skype meetings with the founder of the Maude brand renowned worldwide for the design of sculpture-vibrators, with a very elegant design, she became the creative director of the brand. “Sexual well-being is self-care and is essential for everyone but for too long it has been the subject of gender discrimination. Instead, it’s part of women’s wellness routines, – explained the thirty-one-year-old actress on the pages of Vogue Usa. – During the creation of the products we think about the awareness of one’s body and one’s sexuality, we create the opportunity to take proper care of our sexual self”.

For women, orgasm is no longer a taboo

The change is epochal and disruptive: on the Goop site of the wellness guru Gwyneth Paltrow a complete and exhaustive guide to the vibrators on the market in the world is ready, classified by female needs and desires. Sexual wellbeing products and lubricants mostly bought online or in the form ‘order and collect in store’, probably for confidentiality reasons, but the surges in sales are recorded in all channels, from America to Brazil, and also in Italy. For the first time we have come to openly quibble about relationship between sexual pleasure and beauty of the skin also in the Cosmetic & Toiletries science applied magazine, where Jamie Leventhalm, founder and CEO of the Clio/plusOne sexual wellness brand, reports on the surprising effects of a clinical study which demonstrates significant improvements in terms of increased skin firmness and elasticity female face skin, after intimate intercourse. After the customs clearance of period we are at that of pleasure per se, and the motto of “do it yourself, do it more often” the German brand of luxury sex toys Womanizer, part of the WowTech group which sells them in 60 countries, exalts the auto-eroticism as a fundamental practice for women, too often taboo. “That’s why we push for it to be talked about openly. On our blog, O*Diaries, we create a dialogue with readers and listen to them, as well as allowing influencers, experts and authors to have their say. Together we will spread the message around the world: love your body and take the time to satisfy yourself sexually!”. Meanwhile, on YouTube, videos with instructions for the are increasing intimate pleasure with lots of tasks to practice getting to know your body, feeling sexy, having better emotional strength and increasing muscle flexibility which can make a difference and is also good for the pelvic floor. Then there is a world of apps and among the most renowned globally there is Kama Sexual, conceived, after about 15 years of studies, by 46-year-old Chloe Macintosh, who recently explained to the Times that she wants to support people in having a better married life and become better lovers. Italy is not excluded from the phenomenon and there is no shortage of interactive social talks on how to relax, get to know and listen to one’s body by educators and sexologists.

Testimonials from stars

Cara Delevingne

Sex and pleasure, what do the stars think? The actress and supermodel Cara Delevingne stated that: “Men and women experience sexuality differently, but it is wrong to portray only men as needing sex. I speak freely with my partner, without fear or shame, I freely confide my sexual needs. People usually feel uncomfortable talking about sex but it is important to express yourself and share what pleasure means to you ”. Sex is also a very important aspect of life Gwyneth Paltrow who has also created a Netflix series on the subject: “An orgasm helps you relax – underlines the actress -. It allows you to enter your body, it clears your mind of all thoughts, in fact you cannot think of anything else when you are about to have an orgasm. I have an excellent sexual understanding with my husband Brad, we talk about it, we love mutual cuddles so much, stay close, skin to skin, and if I’ve had a hard enough day he wants to rub my shoulders “. The actress Jada Koren Pinkettwife of Will Smith, on social media has instead tried to break down the taboo of women on masturbation, and speaking to her daughter Willow Smith she said: “When I was your age I was already attracted to solitary pleasure and I was also able to have multiple orgasms as well. Masturbation shouldn’t be considered by women as something wrong, because it helps to get to know one’s body and to understand what one likes and what one really wants”. Julia Salemi instead dealt with the delicate issue ofanorgasmia, speaking of it in the Casa del GF Vip: “I don’t think I’ve ever experienced ‘real pleasure’ – he said -. I confided in a few friends who incredulous asked me ‘what do you mean?’. Practically I always pretended with my exes, and when friends told me about what they felt, I realized I’d never felt it. When exes would ask me ‘Did you do it too?’ I answered yes, but it wasn’t true. I’m 27 and I’ve never orgasmed with anyone, not even my last partner.” On the night between December 21st and 22nd to honor Orgasm Day and do good for the planet – as a couple or alone – there is only one condition: experience real pleasureand leave the “When Harry Met Sally”-style fictions out of bed.

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