Make-up to combine with blue, fluo and pastel dresses: the best beauty looks

Discover the make-up to match blue, pastel, rainbow and fluo dresses. Fourteen proposals to inspire your style!

The colorful clothes – from blue to fuchsia to spring shades par excellence such as pastel – they are still a must. Long or short, with discreet or more lively colors, are the most popular also on social networks, as confirmed by the report’s forecasts. Pinterest Predicts 2022 which ranks the electric wardrobe, always present on the catwalks, as the protagonist in spring wardrobes all over the world. The invitation is, therefore, to try wearing energetic outfits And palette of all colors of the rainbow, saying goodbye to the neutral tones of black and white to embrace a more “vitaminic” style. But what is the make-up to match the clothes of the moment? The beauty look focuses on color contrasts or on combinations of similar shades. Find out more by reading this article (and get inspired by our selection).

Make-up to match blue clothes

For this spring theelectric blue outfit. Elegant or casual, electric blue catches the eye. Here the choice is twofold: you can opt for a bright make-up with glossed lips and eyes emphasized by tons of mascara, or put your eyes first by choosing an eyeliner ton sur ton and leaving the lips bare. Whichever you choose, go for one luminous face base to be made with light products and never too opaque. Here are some examples.

Here the lips are brushed with a pearly pink lipstick.

The choice in this beauty look is to give space to a light sculpting in shades of peach pink and to focus attention on the bold and tidy eyebrows. Nude lips or antique pink, to give a touch of elegance.

Dark blue eyeliner on dark blue dress and lips only slightly hydrated. On the cheeks, on the other hand, a pink blush for an almost romantic effect.

Outfit with fuchsia dress

Another color that does not go unnoticed and that Valentino has chosen as the hue of the year: the fuchsia he is always beloved. As with electric blue, it most often requires a light and sophisticated make-up. Perfect example is Kendall Jenner who paired the one-eye fuchsia dress edged with black kajal and glossy pink lips. Simple to make and foolproof. If fuchsia is in a darker shade, you can “dare” by choosing a bright red or ton sur ton lipstick: all choices celebs approved.

Nude make-up for outfits with fuchsia dress.

Shiny lips and eyes in evidence.

Fiery red lipstick for Megan Fox.

Lips in the same color as the dress and eye makeup in a light bronze shade.

Gradient woman dress

The ombrè dress is back in vogue. Depending on its declination – from ceremony or casual – the make-up will also change. Nude makeup or smokey eyes when the occasion is important (and the dress is long), easy chic make-up with eyeliner when we opt for a mini-dress. Here are some proposals to be inspired by.

Nude or peach-toned make-up for the blue and light blue gradient dress.

Bold red lips or burgundy on the most decisive shades.

Nude make-up + eyeliner for a Calfornian-inspired outfit.

Smokey eyes are perfect on a long ceremony dress. For the choice of the right shade, nothing better than to be inspired by a shade of the long dress.

Make-up to match the clothes: match with pastel spring dress

Delicate and jaunty or très chic, the pastel color gives lightness to the clothes of the moment. The advice is to combine a tone-on-tone makeup or create high-impact contrast effects.

Vintage red lips on the pastel blue dress; peach nude make-up forpink dress.

If the pastel dress is embellished with rhinestones and stones, it is better to opt for a makeup no makeup.

Casual elegance: double-layered eyes in black (echoing the color of the hair accessory), naked lips and eyebrows bleached (trend alert!).

Make-up to match the clothes: rainbow dress

One dress, multiple styles. That is: the rainbow declined on a red carpet dress vs a rainbrow dress that winks at disco dance. In the first case, the make-up is pink and takes up a nuance of the long dress; in the second, however, the make-up is eighties, with vinyl lips and eyes colored with a dark purple eyeshadow.

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