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This Is Us 6 it will be the last season of the NBC TV series. In Italy it is broadcast by Fox, every Monday, on Sky channel 116 from 21:00 with a double appointment. After the debut on the channel last May 2, the series returns with two more episodes with the title Taboo and The Guitar Mannext Monday 23 May. So let’s find out what happens.

This Is Us 6 is broadcast in Italy on Fox and in America for NBC (where it reached the penultimate episode). Airing in the USA began in early January 2022. In the past two episodes, entitled Heart and Soul and The Little Princess: Part 2, Kate and Rebecca discussed the developments of the illness of the latter sharing a nice musical moment together. We also got to know more from the past Of beth.

This Is Us 6
Trailer This Is Us 6

Now let’s find out together what will happen in the seventh and eighth episode Of This Is Us 6 which will air May 23 on Fox.

This Is Us 6previews: what will happen in the seventh and eighth episode

In This Is Us 6 emotions are brought to the fore. The series NBCfrom which the Italian fiction was born Wewill help us travel through the different timelines, revealing new ones facets of the characters in the series. This will be thelast season, which is why we are curious to know how it will end. In the seventh and eighth episode, as we will see, we will be faced with the acceptance of feelings.

This Is Us
Trailer This Is Us

In the seventh episodewe are celebrating the Thanksgiving home Pearson on more lines temporal. After Jack’s death, Miguel he was a beacon for Rebecca. The two, in fact, have developed a deep friendship. This strong bond makes them a team of taboo perfect, to the detriment of their respective partners of the evening who notice of the agreement between two. There magic stops when Miguel will communicate to Rebecca a choice that will change his life. In a more recent timeline, however, Toby and Kate they are at odds. The argue become more frequent and this will lead both towards a bitter decision. But the life of the Pearson family is further shaken from the announcement Of Rebecca.

This Is Us
Trailer This Is Us

In the’eighth episode Of This Is Us 6 Let’s go back to the 80’s. Jack and Rebecca they bring the children in pool, a location that will return throughout the episode. Indeed, with the Big Three teenagers we witness another scene: the Thanksgiving it is over and Kate and Randall find Kevin drunk in the now disused swimming pool. The episode directed by Milo Ventimiglia will be the first of three episodes focus on each of the three brothers. This is especially about Kevin: the choices that led him to the divorce from Sophie and her new life with i twins as a single father.

Meanwhile, the series prepares for definitive closure scheduled for May 24th in America. As we could see from these first episodes, the the final will focus on Rebecca, the real engine of this series. Indeed, we will arrive in the future timeline where the family will gather for the sad event. Recently, Mandy Moore himself stated by Jimmy Kimmel that the penultimate episodewhich will air in America on the night of May 16, was heartbreaking.

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