Malcolm X | the man with no surname who split America

Malcolm X, the man with no surname who split America (Thursday 19 May 2022)
The thirst for justice, the spirit of rebellion, the breaking of all schemes were so ingrained in Malcolm X that he had it in his name. Pardon, in last name. But no. In the ‘non-last name‘. Thursday 19 May of Malcolm X remembers his birth in 1925 in Omaha, Nebraska. A good opportunity to study thought and action. His last name it was Litte. Malcolm Little was called one of the best-known religious leaders, politicians and human rights activists of the twentieth century in the United States. But he had abolished hers last name showing the ‘X’: Malcolm X called himself. Because, she said, the last name of blacks was a legacy of the American slave system. “My father – he explained in an interview – he didn’t know his real him last name. She received it from her grandfather who …Read on velvetmag


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