Mama Lucha adds ‘coquettish’ style; here’s what it looks like

In recent years, many trends have emerged around the world, especially new trends that are taking over people’s lives. generations.this is how we look at it trend Viral, many brands have uploaded, as an example Mama Fights with Orella Winery.

The ability of brands to adapt and join viral trends has become a key factor in connecting with consumers in the digital age. Being aware of and actively participating in viral trends is not only an effective marketing strategy, but it is also critical to establishing and maintaining ongoing relevance in the minds of consumers.

A common practice is to use current events to develop original content that arouses the interest and complicity of the audience, thereby creating a humorous atmosphere. The main goal of this approach is to make your brand contagious and fun.

In addition, experts point out that viral marketing as an advertising strategy for companies offers the possibility to promote products and services to the consumer market through platforms, mainly on the Internet. This innovative approach can significantly reduce the costs associated with promotion and advertising compared to traditional marketing strategies.

Lucha’s mother is already “coquettish”

Bodega Aurrerá is one of the brands with a large presence on social networks, with a large community on different platforms.

Now, the brand has joined the digital conversation, posting looks from its X account along with of-the-moment styles like “Coquettish.”

It is worth mentioning that Coquette style means frivolity, a soft, coquettish, sexy, but at the same time innocent aesthetic. This trend has been around for several years, but recently became very famous in early 2024, especially thanks to TikTok and some memes.

“Here we always have the lowest and most stylish prices,” the brand said in a post on social networks.

Likewise, it shows an image of one of its pink branches and a pop of pink bow, with the description: “Super champions at the lowest and sexiest prices.”

The publication quickly went viral, with more than a thousand views from Internet users who interacted with the image.

Through this trend, we can see how brands can maintain a constant connection with consumers, so keeping an active digital conversation is important for this.

We see this phenomenon in various trends, one example is when the song “Mi Bebito Fiu Fiu” became popular and the song was featured on TikTok until it was positioned on the accounts of well-known brands and even public figures around the world .

At the time, well-known streaming platforms such as HBO, Amazon, and Netflix, as well as fast food companies and football teams, used lyrics from Tito Silva and Tefi C songs to promote products. The song held the No. 1 spot on the 50 Viral Songs chart. Spotify has caused controversy around the world, especially in Peru, after reports emerged that the lyrics were inspired by alleged chats between former President Martín Vizcarra and his romantic partner.

Likewise, trends arising from artificial intelligence (AI) are present in “Dinosaur Jobs,” signaling a massive digital conversation across the globe.

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