Mama Mia 3! – Amanda Seyfried returns to talk about the long-awaited sequel to the musical

Mama Mia 3! it will do? According to Amanda Seyfried, nothing is lost. So here’s what the actress said.

Amanda Seyfreid is currently experiencing a golden age. For her portrayal in the miniseries The Dropout in fact, he has won numerous awards, including an Emmy and a Golden Globe. However, the actress did not take part in the award ceremony of the awards assigned by the HFPA – held on January 10 – due to previous commitments, related to the production of a mysterious musical. In recent days, news has leaked that the musical in question is the adaptation of Thelma & Louise, in which Amanda Seyfried is expected to star alongside Rachel McAdams. Rumor later confirmed by the actress herself during an interview given to Entertainment Tonight.

Oh mama! – Will the third chapter ever be made?

Amanda Seyfriedactually specified the title of the project in which she is involved to avoid misunderstandings and not to feed false hopes. At first, in fact, it was rumored that the star could be involved in the long-awaited third Sequel to Mamma Mia!. Therefore, the production of the film has not started and currently the realization of the third chapter of the “adventures” of Sophie and her mother Donna (Meryl Streep). Seyfried, however, when asked about the hypothetical sequel, did not answer in a totally negative way, leaving opened a small crack:

I have absolutely no power, but we are waiting for the call. You know what I mean? There are enough ABBA songs, Judy Craymer – longtime producer of the stage version – agrees 100%. I don’t know what they are doing at Universal.

Over the years, many interpreters of the musical have expressed the desire to return in a sequel, including Lily James – which lends body and voice to the “young” version of Donna in Oh mama! Here we go again. The third chapter could therefore actually see the light, but not in a very short time – also due to the commitments of Amanda Seyfried. During the interview, we then returned to talk about another highly anticipated adaptation, the musical version of Mean Girls, which will debut on Broadway. She, the actress – who played Karen Smith in the 2004 film – has in fact declared that she is available to take part in the project with a small cameo, but that she does not know if she will actually be able to appear in the show. mean girls – which sanctioned Amanda Seyfried’s debut on the big screen – also represented the first collaboration between the actress and Rachel McAdams, who – as mentioned – should return to share the scene in the musical version of Thelma & Louise.

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