Man behind ‘The One Who Broke the Internet’ costume charged with attempted murder of wife

Keir Johnson, 38, who shot to fame after sharing a photo of a dress worn by his stepmother that went viral Because of his unusual coloring properties, he recently appeared in court on charges of attempted murder of his wife, reports The Times.

Remember, this is 2015. Was the dress worn by Keir Johnston’s mother-in-law, renamed #TheDress, blue, black, or white and gold? It was impossible to judge then because everyone saw a different colour. This costume goes viral and spreads around the world. Among his many television appearances, the man is his guest on Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show.

Keir Johnston is in news today for a very dark matter. He was appearing for acts of domestic violence that occurred in 2019.

According to the first elements revealed during his appearance, the man has been making increasing threats and attacks on his wife for almost eleven years. He is accused of pushing his wife against a wall, shouting at her or strangling her between April 2019 and March 2022.

The Guardian claims that Keir Johnson appeared at the Glasgow High Court last Monday and denied all charges against him. A new preliminary hearing before the trial is scheduled for 2024.

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