Man reports Gilbert Reyes left him disabled for life

Gilbert Reyes, suspected of murdering three women in Roatan, now has another complaint against him from a disabled man

Christopher Iber Daniels Price (left) claimed Gilbert Reyes (right) tried to kill him in Roatan and left him bedridden for the rest of his life as a result of the gunshot wound.

Gilbert Reyes has been accused of murdering Nikendra McCoy, Antonia Cruz and Dionne Solorzano by their families, and now another charge has been filed against him.

Christopher Iber Daniels Price, lying face down on his bed, said Gilbert attacked him with a machete and then shot him.

“He asked me to go get some rocks and when I went with him to get the rocks he told me he would lend him the machete because I didn’t know what it was and when I lent him the machete he hit me with the knife My chest. “Machete, that’s where I’m from. “Bring them to the mountains to kill me,” Daniels told local media Roatán Hable Claro.

To save himself from an almost imminent violent death, Daniel recalled, “playing dead” until Gilbert left the scene.

“I realized it was him because he opened the window and shot me and he was staring at me and I was staring at him, so I played dead so he wouldn’t shoot me again because he had already shot at me. One shot, if I don’t “don’t play dead because he’s going to kill me,” the Roatan native recalled of the difficult moment, also claiming he “saw his eyes.”

As a result of the shooting and the irreversible damage to his body, Daniels became bedridden, deprived of the attention of his family and neighbors, and completely without the use of his legs. “That’s what the doctors told me, I’d never walk again,” he recalled.

Gilbert is reportedly currently in his native United States. He set out on Monday, January 8, a day after three friends died and their relatives accused him of being the murderer.

The two young women were found dead inside Gilbert Reyes’ car.

Christopher said it was in the area where the young woman was murdered that he arrived wearing a balaclava and shot him dead, leaving him bedridden for life.

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Roatan, Gulf Islands

Gilbert Reyes

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