Man who locked up his daughter for 24 years and fathered seven children with her may be released from prison

In 2009, he was captured Joseph Fritzl exist Austriaafter his daughter’s heartbreaking story became known. She was locked in the basement for 24 years Make her his sex slave. As a result of the constant abuse the young woman suffered, she gave birth to seven children from her own father.

man sentenced to life imprisonment That year, she admitted to a judge that she had isolated her offspring in a section of her home in Amstetten, cut off from the outside world.

also known as “Austrian Incest Monster” According to the Daily Mail, he employed a strategy in which Elisabeth Fritzl, then 18, helped him install a door in his basement and then knocked her unconscious with an ether-soaked towel. . .

When the family asked about the whereabouts of the young woman, the man deceived the girl’s mother and the police. Claiming she ran away from home to join a cult.

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According to the above-mentioned media reports, Joseph Fritzl’s wife was responsible for raising the three children born of Elizabeth Fritzl due to sexual abuse.The woman was not suspicious because the subject lied to his wife, telling her His daughter abandoned her offspring On the doorstep of where they lived because he couldn’t take care of the little ones.

survivor of her father’s kidnapping He successfully escaped at the age of 42 After one of her children became unconscious, the kidnapper agreed to seek medical help for the child. Elizabeth told the medical staff everything so that the police could help her.

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The “Austrian incest monster” is now 88 years old and may choose to be paroled in 2024. Reliance on psychiatric reports He argued that his mental state no longer posed a danger to previous victims or society, the Mirror reported.

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In June 2022, Josef Fritzl tried to gain freedom but failed because Judge cancels decision to transfer him to regular prisonAs a result, the Austrian High Court rejected his appeal and ruled that he remain in a high-security prison.

Notably, reports state that the man currently suffers from dementia, which is why he is being held in a high-security prison for criminals with mental illness.

According to the Mirror, psychiatrist Heidi Kanster analyzed the kidnapper’s case for a year and said the results showed that This topic is no longer dangerous to the country and can be transferred through the normal prison system as a first step toward release.

And the lawyer for the “Austrian incest monster” told the Crown newspaper: “I’m already preparing for his parole. If the application is approved, I want to make sure we can find him a place in a vulnerable home. “

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