manatees mate and people call the police

On the coasts of Florida, manatees come together to mate and that makes residents panic. The police intervene.

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Love is in the air. Or rather in the water. On the Florida coast, round-tailed manatees are especially plentiful and the weather is ripe for mating. And calls are raining down on local police stations. Yes.

In summer (and the rest of the year), manatees often form groups in the shallow waters near beaches. Several males then try to impress a female. Sometimes fights break out between the different suitors. And that’s a problem.

Indeed, the witnesses of these sometimes muscular antics – and visibly incomprehensible for the laymen – are numerous to call the police, fearing that the animals are in distress.

This is what it looks like 👇

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Overwhelmed by numerous calls, a sheriff’s office spoke on social networks about it.

“Don’t call us, it’s mating season and we assure you that the manatees are doing more than well”

Officials advise, moreover, if you are a bit of a voyeur, to observe the show from afar. Touching or disturbing these protected animals is dangerous, illegal, and can result in a fine of up to $100,000 or a one-year jail term. It calms. (ab)

i>Translated and adapted by Nicolas Varin

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