Manchester City had to struggle for victory in the Premier League match against Newcastle

In a strangely uncertain final signal, Manchester City won by a goal difference against Newcastle (1-0) this Saturday evening during the second day of the Premier League. Argentine striker Julián Álvarez scored the only goal of the game (31st). Pep Guardiola’s men have secured their second championship win in as many games and finished second behind irresistible Brighton.

Little bothered by the masters of the game and the opposition pressure that he managed to circumvent and break through, the European champion was hard at last pass and last control, as Erling missed Haaland, who could stand alone in front of Nick Pope (12th ) goals. In full swing since the start of the season, the talented Phil Foden unlocked a supersonic-oriented control serve before serving to Julián Alvarez, who sent a missile into the right corner past Nick Pope (31st).

As in the first period (41st), Erling Haaland scored clear chances (59th, 63rd, 65th) that kept Newcastle in the game. And, on a poor back pass from Rodri, Callum Wilson launched a dangerous counter-attack – three on one. But the most expensive defender in history, Josco Guardiol, made a fine intervention in front of the English striker to avert the danger (70th). No. 47 Foden missed a match point at the end of the match (90th) with no result.

Player of the match: City heart Phil Foden

The immense talent of Phil Foden, the Manchester City boy with silky technique, needs no recapitulation. But, since the start of the season, the England international has carried the offensive zone on his broad shoulders. Established at the center of the game, he accelerates the pace of domination by his very fast oriented controls, his relevant movements and his technical accuracy in the final pass. This Saturday evening, Foden gave the ball to Julian Alvarez and his antics caused Newcastle a lot of damage. He could have made several assists, but Erling Haaland missed the last shot by a narrow margin.


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