Manchester City’s coup with Bernardo Silva and Walker

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After a stellar season winning three major trophies (Cup, Premier League, Champions League), Manchester City are having a torrid summer. Pep Guardiola’s club will have to work hard not to be relegated, with some players potentially at the end of the cycle. If Riyad Mahrez has packed his bags for Saudi Arabia, Bernardo Silva (coveted by PSG and Barca) and Kyle Walker (closely eyed by Bayern) have been seriously linked with departures.

Extension for Silva and Walker

But under the encouragement of Pep Guardiola, who has not failed to demonstrate his importance on several occasions, Manchester City are making a comeback. In fact, according to Fabrizio Romano, not only should both players stay this season, but as a bonus, Bernardo Silva and Walker should extend their contracts with the Mancunian club.

to sum up

Manchester City caused a surprise by deciding to retain Bernardo Silva and Kyle Walker despite rumors of departures. Both the players are expected to not only stay this season but also extend their contract with the club. Pep Guardiola underlined their importance, and the club is confident of getting their consent for these new extensions.

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