Manchester United, locker room chaos

After a very average start to the season, Manchester United also have to manage a small problem in their locker room. Jadon Sancho’s case is at the center of discussion.

Upon arriving from Borussia Dortmund to Manchester United in the summer of 2021, Jadon Sancho was eagerly awaited by Red Devils fans. In good form in Germany, the England international, bought by United for €85 million, unfortunately did not realize the expectations placed on him and after two seasons, the disappointment is palpable on both sides of the chessboard. So much so that he invited himself into the locker room. From now on, the attacking player is isolated by his own partners.

In any case, that’s it espn Explaining that Sancho’s behavior was not liked by his coworkers. A large number of Manchester United players would criticize the striker’s attitude and his indirect criticism towards his coach Eric ten Hag. On social networks, Jadon Sancho recently put a coin back into the machine, saying, ” Scapegoat “in situation.

destined to flop

Sidelined for the meeting between Arsenal and United on 3 September (3-1), Jadon Sancho was guilty of not doing so according to his coach. achieved required performance ” Am in training. So the player’s reaction on the network was not approved by a large part of his peers. A flop is a little more certain. Unless the international finally succeeds in getting back in the right direction.

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