“Manchester United would be better off without Cristiano Ronaldo”

Jamie Carragher, former English international and current sports commentator for the British television station Sky Sportsdefended, this Friday, that Manchester United should give in to Cristiano Ronaldo’s pretensions and sell him this summer.

The ex-Liverpool captain assumed that the continuity of the Portuguese forward would be positive for the country’s media, as he “offers headlines”… but not so much for the red devils’ new coach, Erik ten Hag.

“Looking at Manchester United from an analytical point of view, I think they would be better off without him, starting almost again with a younger team. But at the level of our work, that we cover the big names, he is an absolute superstar” , he said.

“If he stays, at the weekend we will focus on him and analyze his performance, his sign language and how he gets along with the coach on the sidelines. He is a great story, which is why, in a way, way, we want to keep him in the Premier League,” he added.

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