Maneskin sings the hit Billie Eilish. New version of “Bury a Friend”

This year’s Eurovision winners – an Italian group Maneskin – at the end of June, they performed for the first time in Poland. It happened during Polsat SuperHit Festival (“The Best of the Best” concert).

Polsat viewers and the audience of the Forest Opera heard the hit that gave the band a victory at Eurovision, i.e. “Zitti e buoni” (check!) and songs “Lividi sui gomiti” and “I Wanna Be Your Slave”. The first and last issue in Poland was certified platinum.

At the end of the exercise of the latter – Damiano David – group leader – kissed his band mate, guitarist Thomas Raggi. Then the singer decided to appeal to all viewers.

“We believe that we will live to see the time when everyone can do it without any worries. We should all be completely free and be who we want to be! Thank you, Poland. Love is never something wrong!” – he said from the stage.

This is just one of the many bold moves by young musicians. This time, however, it is loud about them for another reason. Italians made their own. rock version of the song Billie Eilish “Bury a Friend”and the recording quickly made its way around the network.

They presented a cover during the Ronquières Festival in Belgium. “Well it’s called a cover!” – fans commented.


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