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The British label owns part of the catalog of Brazilian producers LACCA and valet and now presents the audience with true space travel in the prominent voice of manola. in 2021 manola came into pop with “Smells like Butterflies“, exploring moments of the pandemic. Then came other releases like “You do not get out of my head” and the singer quickly hit the 1 million streams mark.

With social isolation in force, this same year music producer LACCA opened his home for an unprecedented project, created with the talented multi-instrumentalist and also music producer Vallent: a reality show of music production.

The reality show Fênix broadcasted live for five days the creative process of several songs, created by the producers with several special participations, as in the case of Manola. “It was by chance or fate that I met LACCA precisely the week he was going to do the Fênix project, the reality show to compose the new album. On Tuesday, he invited me to go record with him and Vallent.”, says the singer.

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LACCA, which recently surpassed 2.5 million streams on digital platforms, sees the launch of Spaceship as a milestone for the Fenix ​​project: “I always wanted to do a reality show and show the world how music is made and produced, something unprecedented. I don’t know anyone who has done this before.”, and adds: “It’s a progressive house song with a fantastic bassline. The lyrics are exciting and amplified with Manola’s surprising vocals that we turned into a duet, a hallmark of my tracks. We took Manola’s original vocal and turned it into a male voice that dialogues with the original voice”.

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Vallent has been a producer and DJ for over 17 years. Graduated in piano and guitar, he is a composer and multi-instrumentalist, he has toured over 15 countries with the NATEMA project where he became a reference in Beatport, reaching the top 3 Overall mark, alongside great names such as David Guetta and Calvin Harris. His songs exceed 4.5 million plays on Spotify.

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About the lyrics he comments: “We wrote Spaceship imagining a relationship where the partner would be playing with the character’s head, driving her crazy to the point of buying a ship and leaving for space. She plans the escape for the exact moment when the stars are aligned, but the plan doesn’t work and she risks living this relationship. Music has a relationship with astrology and love.” Manola added: “I love the energy and the story that we tell on this track, about getting on a ship and going out there, seeing how many worlds there are in our world. I highly value the lyrics and the space they give for interpretation, for each listener to associate with their own story, “I know you’re playing tricks with my mind”. About this interaction, LACCA ends by saying that: “Manola’s arrival at the house was a big surprise. Soon there was a rapport between the three of us, the lyrics, the melody and other elements fell into place naturally.”

Spaceship hits the market this Friday, May 20, 2022, by British label Distraction Recordings.

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