Mansour Yaves: In any case, we are vocal

Stating that he remains vocal even if no coalition is formed in the local elections, Mansour Yavas said he expects his candidacy to be announced today and tomorrow. Responding to questions from Sozku’s Ismail Saymaz, Yaves said, “What if the alliance cannot be achieved?” “In any case, we are vocal,” he said in response to the question.

Following is an excerpt from Yaves’ interview:

What do you think about Aksener’s statements?

We have four crore voters. We want everyone’s game, that’s all. I don’t want to say or comment anything further. If necessary, I will make a statement in the coming days. Because our candidature has not been decided yet. As you know, the CHP Party Assembly makes decisions. We started our work by saying “We are candidates”.

Why did the CHP not announce your candidacy?

They’ll probably be open today or tomorrow, I’m waiting. Till now there has been no such program where we can come shoulder to shoulder with the respected President. I think they are clear. “Our mayor will continue his path and his duties,” he said earlier. Recently, Deputy Speaker Zeynel Emre made a statement: “We are not looking for a candidate in Ankara, we have a successful mayor.” I announced my candidacy for him.

What do you think will happen?

I have faith. We have put forward a very different municipality. The satisfaction survey was published recently. 68 percent people in Ankara are satisfied. There are 26.8 percent people who are dissatisfied. This shows how much impact our work is having on the public.

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