“Manuel Bortuzzo? Brainwashing, what did the father do”

In a long interview with the weekly Chi Lucrezia Lulù Selassié pointed the finger at the ex-boyfriend’s family Manuel Bortuzzo. A few weeks after the end of the Big Brother Vip the couple broke out despite the plans for coexistence and family. According to the Ethiopian princess it would have ended because of the father of the former swimmer, who would never have accepted it. The father did everything to hinder me from the first moment. Manu and I, on the other hand, did our best to find our balance and remove the negativities. Manuel was under great pressure from family members”, Assured the 23-year-old. Not only relatives, according to Lulu also other people would have intruded in her love story: “Friends who just couldn’t stand me. They must have done him quite a bit brain washing because until two days ago we were together. We celebrated seven months together and woke up next door“.

Lulù Selassié against Bortuzzo’s father

La Selassié said: “We do not have never had privacy. THEManuel’s father used to go downstairs and was very intrusive. Manu’s house is separated from his father’s by a spiral staircase, it is not that his father had to knock or ring to enter, he just went down. I wanted to be in my underwear and I couldn’t. Maybe Manu and I had our moments of intimacy and then suddenly the father would arrive“. It’s still: “The father is the cause of the crisis and the end of history, if it weren’t for him we’d still be together. Different thing with my family, he was very attached to my family and called my mother ‘mom’“.

Lulù Selassié’s anecdote about his former father-in-law

Lucrezia confided another anecdote related to her relationship with Bortuzzo: “One day we were in a supermarket near Manuel’s house and his father arrives. He immediately said:” But how much do you spend, how many things have you bought, but then this stuff doesn’t even fit in the fridge. “He was shopping and I at that point I was the guest “. Selassié specified that she had learned of the break from Manuel’s Ansa statement, which would even have it blocked on WhatsApp without the possibility of any face-to-face confrontation.

The declaration of Franco Bortuzzo

The version of events by Franco Bortuzzo is different, who specified to Nuovo TV: “Manuel decided to close the story. None of us influenced him. The worlds of these two boys are profoundly different“.

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