Manuel González’s niece joins civil movement

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Monterrey. – María del Pilar González Garza, the deputy of PRI federal representative Karina Baron, has joined the Civic Movement party.

Through his official social networks, he announced this decision on the Orange Party account with the caption: “With a smile, we are here,” and that he would continue his friendship with Baron, and that he would like to “give a blow to Baron.” I didn’t add anything,” he said. “I’ll give it back to anyone.”

“I did not quarrel with anyone in PRI, no one treated me badly, no one did anything to me, I love Karina very much, she is my friend, She knew I was coming here, I came back and no one stabbed me, ”he pointed out.

He suggested that the party change to Citizens Movement is because there is space for people who want to work for citizens.

“We’re going to work hard, we’re going to participate in the civil movement, and we’re going to fight, because here no one promised me anything, no one promised me anything. “I didn’t guarantee it, I just believe, and I’m sure they’re taking the work into account here,” she said.

Maria del Pilar, the niece of former government secretary Manuel González, has released videos and photos in which she can be seen at events and tours around the city of Escobedo.

These early campaign allegations by González Garza could cause him legal trouble, and he received a multi-million dollar contract as the provider of Monterrey water and sewer services during his six-year term as Bronco. This could add to the already existing criticism.

He is also the owner of an organization called “Manos a la Obra”, and recently released a video in which he delivered backpacks filled with school supplies to girls and boys in Escobedo, as well as giving 100 people in the same municipality 15 years. We are also holding a contest where you can win a package.

Among other activities carried out in cooperation with the citizens of Escoveda are craft workshops aimed at the women of the municipality.

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