Manuela Arcuri, unpublished photos of the wedding leaked: we need to dry our tears

Manuela Arcuri got married on Lake Bracciano, at the Odescalch Castlethe. Shortly after the wedding he then revealed a background on the big day.

Manuela Arcuri and Giovanni di Gianfrancesco, after 12 years together and an 8-year-old son, are married.

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After the big day then the actress let herself go and told a background about the wedding, admitting what was the most exciting moment.

The wedding of Manuela Arcuri

Manuela Arcuri he said yes. Indeed, we could say that he said yes, since technically the two they had already married in 2013 in Las Vegas. 9 years later – and above all after having a son, Mattia, who is now 8 years old – the actress and her life partner, Giovanni Di Gianfrancesco, with whom she has been a constant couple for 12 years, have sworn a new eternal love.

The chosen location? Odescalchi Castle, on Lake Bracciano, a dream setting, princely to say the least. To witness every moment of the day, the photographers of Chi thought about it, who had the exclusive right on the wedding. The witnesses of the bride, as had already been leaked some time ago, were Alberto Tarallo and the president of Coni Giovanni Malagò.

All the ceremony, however, was nothing short of a dream. Arcuri made her entrance to say the least triumphant with her shimmering crown on her head and wearing one of three dresses, which she then changed over the course of the evening. The first was tight-fitting, in lace, low-cut, the second, worn for the party, was beige with a floral pattern, the third, on the other hand, worn for the cutting of the cake, was definitely more sensual than the others and was white, but with different transparencies.

To bring the wedding rings to the parents, then little Matteo, the couple’s son, took care of it. After all, it could not have been otherwise. After the wedding then Manuela Arcuri wanted to comment on the happy event and told different background, some of which were completely unexpected.

The background on marriage

Manuela Arcuri, commenting on her wedding, first of all spoke of the fact that to bring the wedding rings it was his own son. In this regard he said: “I advise everyone to wait a long time, to have time to get to know and appreciate each other, and to get married with a child already: seeing him wearing the wedding rings is a unique emotion for us and for him, who will remember this day for a lifetime”.

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Then obviously there was no lack of unpublished background on marriage. For example, he admitted what the most emotional moment of all was for her: “When my dad came in and said to me: ‘How beautiful you are, you look like a princess’, I was moved”. And in this regard he admitted in no uncertain terms that it was just that “The most exciting moment”.

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