“Many condominiums will remain in the cold.” Wild detachments for those who don’t pay their bills

The logic of numbers is always the most consistent. He knows how to adhere to reality better than words. This is why Laura Coglitore, Roman president of the Free Condominium Administrators Association (Alac), takes the calculator. The finger runs on the bills of one of the many condominiums suffering due to the rise in energy costs: in January 2021 21,688 cubic meters of gas were consumed and the bill it was worth 18,567 euros, in January of the following year consumption even decreased (21,126 m3) but the bill almost doubled (34,067 euros). He does the calculation, spreading the due for the number of interns: “They are on average 80 euros more per month per family, 480 if we consider the semester“It is obviously a spanking calculation.

The bill, on the other hand, is that of January, when war in Ukraine and energy turmoil were still science fiction topics. “You understand the impact that all this is having on the families who were already coming out tried by two years of the pandemic“, the Alac representative reasoned.”Condominium administrators – keep on – they no longer know who to give the rest to, on the one hand there are the energy companies that are beating cash, on the other the tenants who are exhausted with past arrears who are struggling to pay“. And thewinter is upon us. The result? “They cut off the utilities and entire condominiums remain with the dry gas taps. It is a disturbing sign, for now the weather is still acceptable, but what will happen when December arrives?“, she wonders worriedly.

It’s something that looks a lot like blackmail. A way to put users back to the wall, to push them to solder arrears. And there is someone who rebels. It happens on the eastern outskirts of Rome, in the buildings painted blue by street artists. “The whole building went down into the hall and we took off the hand irons“, this is how a tenant of the public housing describes the welcome reserved for gas technicians. A gut reaction, in the face of what everyone here calls” an abuse “. It did not help to avoid the disconnection of utilities:”There are at least fifteen interrupted ones“, tell the well-informed. The concern is great:”It is shameful to leave the elderly in the cold, here there are so many and with the pensions they find they are the first to get into trouble“, explains a tenant.

Those who believe that the issue concerns only the peripheral and disadvantaged neighborhoods will have to think again. The high bill, to paraphrase Prince de Curtis, is a level. It affects indiscriminately. So even in the most central areas there are those who can’t make it. Maybe it’s just a few, 10 percent, but if you have the a gas centralized it happens that the detachment affects the entire condominium as a whole, as happened in some buildings in Northern Rome. “We have received numerous reports of arbitrary terminations for innocent arrears“, explains Daniela Roscio, lawyer of Federconsumatori. She is on the front line to avoid the disconnection of utilities and to obtain deferred payments. On her desk, files are piling up on files.

The companies that supply gas and electricity, especially the small ones, are in difficulty due to the increase in the price of raw materials and try to raise cash by recovering credits, even with improper practices“, he says.break of the service often takes place even before the deadlines set by the main supplier to pay the previous ones have expired. “It is a strategy – continues the legal – they hurry to disconnect in October, to put pressure on users in anticipation of November 8, the day on which heating usually starts“It is a growing phenomenon, which risks having immense repercussions on the social and public order level.

The punctual episodes of burning bins and barricades, up to now the prerogative of the tenants of the social housing, who every winter have to deal with heating old and lack of maintenance, could multiply. We need to hurry, whether it is a budget variance or the decoupling of the price of electricity from that of gas: “Provided that action is taken quickly, the arrears are already at levels never seen before and the situation can become explosive“.

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