Many think it is hemorrhoids but pain, bleeding and anal itching could also be caused by this disorder

Hemorrhoid inflammation is a problem that affects both women and men of different ages. We are not talking about a serious disease, but about a nuisance that sometimes has to be treated surgically.

Hemorrhoids are nothing more than pads of tissue (normally present in our body), which are formed in the last part of the intestine and perform various functions.

Under normal conditions, they do not cause any kind of problem. But when they swell, they could cause pain and discomfort. It seems that 50% of the adult population suffers from this disorder.

This problem could be lifestyle related. Little physical activity, a low-fiber diet, constipation and excessive strain during bowel movements.

Many think it is hemorrhoids but pain, bleeding and anal itching could also be caused by this disorder

We know, therefore, that the inflammation of the hemorrhoids could cause various annoyances. Such as, for example, small blood loss, pain, swelling sensation, etc. In addition, they could develop both internally (inside the rectum), and externally, near the anus. The latter can be seen and felt to the touch.

But there is another annoying ailment that could limit the normal course of our life. The symptoms may seem similar to those caused by hemorrhoids, but in reality we are talking about a completely different problem.

We refer to anal fissures, which are not normally present in our body. These are small lacerations and wounds located in the anal mucosa. A problem that can affect any person, at any age.

Anal fissures would be caused by stools that are too hard which, in the normal passage, could cause these lacerations.

The discomfort caused could be pain, bleeding, itching and lacerations near the anus.

The causes of this ailment

Many think it is hemorrhoids but, as we have seen, we often face anal fissures.

This problem, therefore, could depend on the passage of stools that are too hard. But also from diarrhea, from the effort of childbirth, etc.

Often they heal within a few weeks thanks to a diet rich in fiber (which would make the stools softer), but also by using ointments, creams and medicines prescribed by the competent doctor.

Therefore a healthy diet and proper physical activity would be essential.

If, on the other hand, the lacerations and wounds persist over time, the doctor may also intervene surgically.

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