Marcello Toscano, the yellow of the teacher who died stabbed in a school in Melito di Napoli. The mayor: “Don’t leave us alone”

The body of Marcello Toscano was found last night, Tuesday 27 September, around 10:30 pm in the middle school courtyard Marino Guarano to Melito of Naples. The searches began shortly after 7:25 pm, when the 64-year-old’s son showed up at the police station. Toscano had left home to go to school, like every day, but he had never returned. The first place where the investigations began was precisely that school in Melito, where the daughter of the missing teacher has found the car of the father parked. The carabinieri then had the guardians open the gates of the institute and found the lifeless body of Toscano behind a flower bed. The images of the school’s video surveillance systems have already been acquired, in the hope of being able to reconstruct what happened. As reported Fanpagetraces of blood would have been found on the steps leading to the former caretaker’s house, now used as a deposit. The investigators do not rule out that Toscano may have been injured inside that building e then dragged out. From the first tests performed on Toscano’s body, it immediately became clear that some wounds killed him inflicted with a knife, or at least a blade. Marcello Toscano was a person known both in Melito and in Mugnano, where he was city ​​councilor until last year.

The school will now be closed for at least a couple of days. “Don’t leave us alone,” asked the mayor of Melito, Luciano Mottola, which denounces the age-old security emergency that has long hit the Municipality on the border with Scampia and Secondigliano, as well as the middle school itself. Last May, for example, a 13-year-old boy was injured in the back with a knife while he was in the classroom by his own classmate. Two months earlier, however, she was attacked by one 11 year old girl, always from a girl of the same age but this time in the bathroom. “As a parent, thinking of mothers and fathers who will have to find the right words to explain to their children because they won’t be able to come to school tomorrow, I’m shivering “, Mottola said again,”chills dictated by a full-blown impotence, the one that arises from the impossibility of being numerically ready to face the delinquent emergency that grips my city and many others in the Naples belt ».

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