Marcelo Flores compares himself to Philippe Coutinho and Eden Hazard: “Weo muchos vide de alos”

marcelo floresrefuse tigers paragraph l apertura 2023, Hint that you have a lot more to do with the ball’s executor than your abilities with the ball. real madrid, eden hazardand brazilian football player aston villa, philippe coutinho,

in an interview for TUDNl mediocampista mexican The comment that inspired hazard this coutinho To unlock your football. Assimismo, flores I had to look for my ideals since childhood Lionel Messi and Ronaldinho,

“Cuando Era Niño My Idol Era ronaldinhoafter Messi. VsJudges differ, but I believe there is more to do coutinho and danger Because of my agility, because I saw the ball, I watched a lot of his videos and I found him at his peak”, commented marcelo,

Asimismo, L Arsenal’s Exjugador clearly that whoever exemplifies diego lanez to regret football Europe y triumph en la league mx dumb tigers, also commented woolen Fue el jugador que lo arpo en su legada a los Felino,

“Gunner, like lo hijo woolen He got the wine and the title. All Campeonatos will be the best. They are young and when they are gone selection I didn’t meet Nadi, I was a little nervous, but I was happy, I calmed down, I was happy with you, I was in touch, I was a good friend”, I said in the interview.

At the end, marcelo It was commented that this flavor became a reference to the llamado in Mexican football. national selection Y poder trascender de forma individual.

“Para me los los los dias, ponerm en un lugar que me ven en selectionIn EuropeWork in my Mismo and serve as a judge for the future”, the sentence.

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