“Marchionne? I am surprised that he spoke so highly of me, I have never been able to meet him »-Corriere.it

from Enrico Marro

The secretary of the CGIL: «It is not at all true that I hated him, I respected his choices while not sharing them. He protected the interests of the shareholders, but not those of our country. And he neglected the electric car “

“That Marchionne said all these things about me surprised me, because, despite having tried, I never managed to have a chat with him”.

Maurizio Landini, secretary of the CGIL, at the time leader of Fiom (2010-17), would have liked to remain at the table with the CEO of Fiat, despite the dramatic break that took place with the referendums of Pomigliano and Mirafiori on separate agreements (with Fim and Uilm). Landini had been elected a few months ago at the helm of metalworkers and the then Piedmontese secretary of Fiom, Giorgio Airaudo, tried to organize a confidential meeting between the two.

Marchionne took his time and after a fortnight he replied that things had already gone a long way and they had decided to continue on the path that led the group to leave the national contract and to make its own contract with the adhesion of the other unions ».

The theme of consensus and the supermanager’s choices

If Marchionne could not understand why Landini had “a crazy consensus, while I’m on the balls at all”as Massimo Gramellini told on CourierLandini explains it this way: «He knew that, in reality, he had not won those two referendums, neither in the factories nor in the country. He had had a much lower consensus than he hoped, despite those consultations being conditioned by blackmail: either you say yes or you lose your job. Not surprisingly, he no longer held a referendum, for example when he signed the Fiat contracts. And Fiom, in the end, obtained from the Constitutional Court the ruling which established that a union cannot be excluded from the factory just because it does not agree. But I want to say one thing: that it was a battle exclusively of contents and industrial relations. There was never anything personal. This is why when I read that at some point I would have hated Marchionne I say that it is not true. I have defended the interests of the workers we represent, as well as I have always respected Marchionne’s choices, even though I didn’t share them. I think it has protected the interests of the shareholders but less those of our country, while expanding the group’s scope of action in the United States ».

“He told me: take a tour of the American factories”

Even though the two-person encounter did not happen, there was one that almost was, albeit official. «It happened in the only restricted meeting between Marchionne and the three general secretaries of CGIL, CISL and UIL, accompanied by the three secretaries of Fiom, Fim and Uil, in the historic headquarters of the Lingotto. It lasted an hour and a half, but for an hour it was a confrontation between me and him. And in the end he dismissed me telling me that I would do well to take a tour of the American factories. “If you give me the opportunity,” I replied. And he ended up there ». Another missed appointment.

The crux of Fiat’s strategic alliances

The streets of Marchionne and Landini remained divided and never met. The current CGIL secretary acknowledges the manager «who had grasped the fact that Fiat, in a concentrated car market, needed great alliances. He tried Opel in Germany but it was Merkel who opposed it. She fared better in the United States. But all the same Marchionne, I say in hindsight, made the mistake of neglecting investments in the electric carto underutilize the production capacity in Italy and not to break through with Alfa Romeo ».

The lack of a confrontation with the government on the automotive sector

And so we come to today. “The problem is still this, despite Fiat having become part of Stellantis: we could produce more than a million cars a year in Italy but we make less than 500,000. And all this without the government doing anything. We asked Palazzo Chigi to open a discussion on the future of the automotive industry, as in Germany, France, the United States and Japan. But nothing. The last Prime Minister to call the CEO of Fiat to Palazzo Chigi was Mario Monti and the CEO was Marchionne himself ».

The distortions of capitalism

A manager who was also worried about the distortions of capitalism, because “if we send the middle class into misery, who will buy the Pandas again?”, He said, following the philosophy of Henry Ford, who wanted his workers to be able to buy the Ford T. ” Yes, the distortions of capitalism based on stock options, the one that had also multiplied the wage differences between Marchionne himself and the Fiat workers compared to the times in Valletta ».

The importance of voting

Finally, if Marchionne wanted to stay away from politics, Landini is fully involved in it. And perhaps worried, in view of Sunday’s vote. “Everything will depend on how many people go to vote. This is why I would like to take this opportunity as well to invite everyone to use their right to vote. We are in a very delicate moment and democracy must be supported. The game is not over ». But if the left loses, why will it have lost? “With this electoral system, which I don’t like, the party that makes agreements is rewarded.” The center-right did it, the others didn’t.

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