Marchisio’s outburst: ‘How can you struggle like this with low-ranking teams? Miretti remembers Nedved, and Conte … ‘

The words of Marchisio at the Trento Sports Festival:

ITS JUVE – “My first love since I was a child. I don’t forget the first day, in 1993, when I entered the club for the first time. I dreamed of wearing that shirt. Then it went well, the best years were those of adolescence . Years lived under pressure, more than when you had to fight to win titles. When I came back from training with my mother, I confessed that I could no longer make sacrifices. I went to school, trained, dined in the car and never saw the my friends. She told me to wait a month and see how it would go. I still remember that advice today, it was lucky for me. In a path you must have the good fortune to have the right teachers and teachings next to you “.

JUVE OF TODAY – “As a Juve fan I can’t understand how you struggle against low-ranking teams. I hope that all together we can get out of this period, the expectations for a club like this are high.” MIRETTI – “He is good news, he is young and is ready and of quality. He is light-hearted, sometimes even this is needed in particular moments. He reminds me a lot of Nedved, even if he has a long way to go to get close to him”.

THE WINNING JUVE – “The secret for that Juve was hitting the bottom. In those records collected there are many records in the records. It all started from the bottom. From the B, from the seventh places in the league. Conte was good when he came to Juventus because he managed to touch the soul. He told us that we had to put the balls in the field. We needed to have a soul to prove that we were not the same as before. It also happened to start badly, but with the character we went out at a distance. talks a lot about today’s Juve: to get out of the difficulties there is only the group. This is Juve’s DNA. The Champions League final against Barcelona in 2015 and the first in Serie B with Rimini are special dates. in B I remember that we drew, in that Champions League final we really believed in the possibility of winning. It went differently, I can’t digest that game. There is always the feeling of a bewitched cup “.

REGRET – “Not having won the Champions League. I also experienced it as a ball boy at Delle Alpi”.

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