Marcin Gortat took his beloved to the wall! He couldn’t praise her!

Marcin Gortat after the last public surfacing he did not have a very good opinion about women in the media. The athlete doubled and made efforts to improve his image, but some attempts ended failure. Ultimately he was forced to apologize people who felt offended by his words in the program Krzysztof Stanowski. The basketball player’s misogynistic approach to some ladies did not appeal to fans, but the 37-year-old is still eagerly invited to sporting events and industry events. Recently, he and his wife appeared at the Polish League of Esports. At the event, he could not praise Stanisławska! Such a wife is a treasure?

Marcin Gortat has been a popular athlete for many years. Fans around the world admired his performance on the pitch when he played for the NBA. The man retired from sports in 2020, but he continues to appear in the media. Recently, it was loud about him due to a not very accurate statement, but as you can see, the 37-year-old has already returned to the favor of fans and was invited to an important sports event. Żaneta, who was also complimented by the former basketball player, was by his side.

A series of photos from the Polish Esports League was published on Gortat’s Instagram. The man admitted that he was very happy that he could spend the finals with his wife. Marcin emphasized that his partner “it is gold“because he likes to watch others play games!

There were a lot of positive comments under the athlete’s post in a moment. Fans apparently shared the 37-year-old’s delight.

Watching the games while playing is actually the determinant of being a good wife?

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