Marcin Matkowski captain of the Polish team. He was a former US Open finalist. Tennis

16 national teams will perform in the ATP Cup, divided into four groups. The winners of each group will advance to the semi-finals. The Poles went to group D, where they will play against Greece, Argentina and Georgia.

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We also know that Biało-Czerwonych will be represented by Hubert Hurkacz, Kamil Majrzchak, Kacper Żuk, Jan Zieliński and Szymon Walków. – The drawing of the group gives us a chance. We are glad that we don’t have the strongest rivals to start with. It will definitely be interesting. We will do our best. We are looking forward to this tournament! – said Hurkacz in an interview with Onet Sport.

Biało-Czerwoni will play in the ATP Cup thanks to Hubert Hurkacz’s very high place in the ATP ranking. The Pole is ninth in it. – The ATP Cup is actually still a new event. This is only the second tournament where we can compete as a national team, as we play individually almost all year round. It is a great initiative for us. Additionally, these are priceless matches that we can play at the beginning of the season – Majchrzak said in an interview with Onet Sport.

Now we have found out who will become the captain of the Polish national team. It will be Marcin Matkowski, a former excellent doubles player, who has played in the US Open 2011 final and the Australian Open 2006 semi-final. He has also participated in the ATP Finals tournament seven times, in which the best couples of the season took part.

– I am very glad that Hubert and the team chose me as the captain of the national team in the ATP Cup. I have very fond memories of our inaugural start in Sydney, where, despite two losses and one victory, our team presented itself very well. Now we are counting on more. We start from a different position. The team is primarily Hubert Hurkacz. He plays in Masters. He will be a leader – said Matkowski in an interview with Onet Sport.

– Our second rocket is Kamil Majchrzak. He has already won and competed with the best. We have Kacper Żuk, who showed himself great when Kamil Majchrzak was injured. We also have two very good doubles. Jan Zieliński and Szymon Walkow. We will try to play for victory in every game. We lost to Argentina two years ago, so now we are counting on a rematch. Three years ago, the Polish national team won against Greece, while we have never played against Georgia. We believe that we will get out of this group and fight in the next phase. Each of these players likes and is very happy to play for the national team. We are looking forward to the start of the tournament – he added.

– Marcin was with us two years ago. The atmosphere he built then was amazing. We hope that it will be similar now – says Hurkacz. – We are going with a strong squad, I am convinced that we are able to fight for the triumph in the group first, and then for the victory throughout the tournament – adds Kamil Majchrzak in an interview with Onet Sport.

The ATP Cup will be played in Sydney, Australia from January 1-9. Matches between the national teams will consist of two singles matches and one doubles match.

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